Monday, August 16, 2010

My DumbAss Okie Life...

What do you write about?

Thats the Question for Monday's McLinky thingy at the Real Housewives of Oklahoma.

And my answer: My dumbass Okie Life.
It's all I know.
I can't make that shit up!
I might embellish a bit but I don't make it up!!

Some people may not understand my senseof humor, may not appreciate it, or whatever.
But that's okay. I can live with that.
There are plenty that do "get me". 
And I love those people.

Lyrics from a song seems to fit well...

I know I can be colorful.
I know I can be gray.
But I know this loser's living fortunate,
cause I know you will love me either way.
I love that.
Link-up! It doesn't matter if you live in the fine State of Oklahoma or not, just link-up and meet nice people. I did and I've met some very interestin' people from here, there, and yonder.


Julie Jabbers said...

I appreciate your unique sense of humor! My husband taught me how to appreciate sarcastic, dry sense of humor, and quirky kind of people and then, I became one!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Nice to see you around -Haven't seen ya link up in awhile - You've definitely got some interesting Okie tales to tell :)

ShaRhonda said...

I love Nadine! You remind me of my Aunt. I'll just start calling you Aunt Nadine! Who knows, we probably are kin! LOL! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Baloney said...

I think you're hysterical!

Beth Zimmerman said...

We like you just the way you are, Miss Nadine! :)

jennykate77 said...

You're totally honest and real...that's the best kind of blogging!

Kellyology said...

I've only read two so far, but I think people are selling themselves short. You're an Okie blogger who writes about what she sees in her world unedited. There you go! You're welcome. I know. I'm a giver.

Leslie said...

haha - that made me laugh.

Sherri said...

The same silly Okie things that you experience happen to me too, but you tell it way better! Thanks! You keep writing and we will keep reading =D