Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter Number 5…

To My Dreams…

I’ve had a hard time with this one.

I’m thinkin’ about my weirdass dreams. You know the ones that I spin a good story as if it’s real and then I let you off the hook by sayin’, “And Then I Woke Up.”

Well, I’m concoctin’ a “Nadine Style Dream” when I read Margaret’s letter, she was talkin’ about her life goals, wishes and achievements…. WHOA!

Back the Truck Up! I totally had to rethink this.


Dear Santa,

What the Hell?!!

You hustle gifts all over the world in one night and you didn’t come thru for me!

Oh You may have brought me bicycles and go-karts. Even a frickin’ pony!

Big Whoop Dee Frickin’ Do!!!

It threw me into the propane tank!

Thank You Very Much for That Memory!

But all I wanted was long legs.

Thank You Very Much for Dashin’ My Dreams of Being Tall!!

I’m so over you.