Saturday, August 21, 2010

Letter Number 4…

To my siblings… RubyJune and Bubba.

The Last Will and Testament of Nadine Hightower

I have left EVERYTHING to Roy. No Ifs. No Ands. Or Buts!

He knows my wishes for my personal things. And That’s That!

If the girls want something THEY are to ASK HIM FOR IT. Period.

In the event that Roy is not on this earth to carry out my wishes all my personal belongings are to be divided equally between YOU TWO. With the exception of 3 COP guns,  the 2 357’s and the Ruger mini 14, those go to RoyJr. Roy carried them and they are to go to his son. If anyone from his family comes to you and asks for anything else, the answer is no. Just those 3 only. Period.

Do not give my things to the girls and say, “Your mother wanted you to have it.” I DO NOT. This is my chance to say that, and I didn’t. 

In the event I should become incapacitated and unable to make my own decisions, and hooked up to life support with no possible chance of recovery, I have signed the necessary papers to give Roy power of attorney. So when he pulls the plug, he didn’t kill me. Despite popular thought, he would never harm me.

In the event that Roy is not on this earth to carry out my wishes I have signed the necessary papers to give VoiletJean power of attorney.


I know you are.

I do not want either of you to have to pull the plug. I couldn’t do it for either of you… I’d be eat up with guilt.

Roy knows my wishes for a memorial. Don’t mess with him about it. If you want something different, do it for you. Not me. I don’t want some stranger to say words over me.

Roy will cremate me, throw me in the lake, and have a party. Done!

If you want somewhere to put flowers, put extras on Dad. Done!

This is what I want and you will do it.

Or I will haunt you! Don’t make me do it!!

You know I will!!


98.9% of this is true… sad. But true.


Laurette Lynn said...

You win ;)

The Gaelic Wife said...

I had to turn off my daddy's defribillator before he passed. That was hard enough without having to pull any plugs. Good thing to plan ahead.