Monday, August 09, 2010

Letter Number 1...

To my Best Friend…
As I looked over the list of letters I realized that most would be written to Roy. He's my best friend, my lover, my body guard, my guidance counselor... my everything.
And as you can tell this whole blog is a Valentine to Roy. He is the love of my life… so it will be hard to gear the letters away from him.
I’ll give it a good try.

Hey Girlfriend!
I saw a couple of teenage girls ridin’ horses and I thought of you!
Oh did we have a great time ridin’! We were such silly girls.
Remember that day we rode bareback all day long? Let me refresh your memory!
We decided to ride bareback becuz the day before we had ridden with the saddles and had gotten them all wet… So we went bareback!
I started out from my house at 8 AM and met you somewhere in the middle between our houses. Remember how we just opened up anyone’s back gates and just rode across? We never give a thought to trespassin’ across the pastures and prairies. We rode back up to your house and back down to Grandpa’s land… back and forth and thru every creek in between.
By about 2ish, my pooter hurt!!
And we stopped to rest in that empty field by OldManEdward's… by the road... you sittin’ there crossed legged and me sprawled out spread eagle… my pooter hurt bad!!
Remember that car? That stopped??
“You hurt?! Do you need help?!”
I don’t know what you did… probably went pale… but I got up really slow holdin’ my back. I acted like standin’ up straight took some effort and you caught on quick and said, “Oh she just got thrown. She’ll be fine!”
I waved at the man and walked over to my horse. I stretched out my back, grabbed a hand full of mane and jumped and kicked my leg over her back to mount… which you wasn’t easy for me! I stuck it first try. And waved again at him… he left.
We laughed and laughed.
We rode almost every day that we didn’t play softball. Takin’ the other girls with us just wasn’t as fun They couldn’t keep up and were afraid of the horses. With good reason, every one of them was thrown off or dumped in the water… Ranger was such a rascal! But to run that white horse up those coal dumps and for him to rear up at the top was just like being the Lone Ranger!! You and I were the only ones he didn’t throw.
Ridin’ was about as much fun as the time we went to the lake. Our first time to sunbathe topless… It may have been OUR last too. I don’t see how I kept from drownin’!! Remember we was out by the “no Wake Buoy”. We tied our bikini tops together and wrapped them around the buoy.
All was right in the world. 16 and tannin’ the TaTas!
Then that boat came by. Circled us 3 times… a couple of men tryin’ to talk us into goin’ with them. All the while you’re in the water tryin’ to get your top untied from mine as I just laid back and let them enjoy the scenery… until you threw my top to me.
Shows over. We paddled back to the swimmin’ area.
And we laughed and laughed.
I miss the laughter.
I miss those days.
I miss our friendship.
We just took different roads in life and grew apart.
And here we are 45 and all is right with the world… You wanna go tan the TaTas??
Love You Dearly With All My Silly Girl Heart,
Lori and me 1979


♥Georgie♥ said...

Loved this story! and that photo is awesome!

Territory Mom said...

I love this too!! Good friends are hard to come by. Your story sounds like a really good movie.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Great blog! But better use SPF 100 on the ta-tas. Sunburns there hurt like the dickens.

Shana said...

Great post!!

Sherrie said...

Loved the story and the picture!