Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It’s The Big One, Elizabeth…

So Roy calls me all hyped up. “You are not gonna believe this! I come in from lockin’ the gates and I looked up at the monitor for the front gate and outta nowhere a huge truck comes thru it!! I was freakin’ out!!”

I can just imagine him freakin’ out. A truck barrelin’ thru the front gate after hours!!

He a Safety and Secure Man! He’s secures things. He’s been a cop and trusts no one. Once, after the clinic was broken into he took it upon himself to “patrol” the clinic when he went on duty… it was on the way to the Turnpike. One night, he walked around the buildin’ to check the back door and there on the ground was the door frame!!   Broke wood and debris from being kicked in… He thought someone had broken in again!! He was ready draw his gun and do whatever needed to be done… and then he realized that it was the old frame and the door was secure.

Gave him a heart attack!!

So here is a huge truck crashin’ the front gate at work when he gave the monitor a better look before runnin’ out there to do Lord knows what… I have all the guns with me… and saw that it was a huge spider on the camera pointed at the gate.

Gave him a heart attack!

It’s okay to laugh. I did.

“Now it ain’t funny, Babe! What if…”

blah blah blah… hahahahahahaha.

He really needs those glasses.

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Tracie said...

LOL I don't think my hubby would have told me that