Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now…

Roy had to have his eyes checked. He hasn’t had an eye exam in 20 years. But instead of makin’ an appointment himself, he’d rather piss and moan about it for 3 months. He feels that his vision has declined greatly in the last 3 months. But he drags his feet.
Roy is a procrastinator. Pure and Simple. Remember how long it took him to roof the house?
And you know what shoppin’ with him for HIS STUFF is like. You know how much I dislike that!
But wait I’m gettin’ the cart before the horse…
So every time he brings up that he needs eyes check and new glasses, the conversation goes like this:
“Hey Babe, What do you think of Dr. So&So?”
I love Dr. So&So. “He’s a good Dr. Do you want me get you his number?”
“No. Do you think he’ll rip me off?”
Like I get Ripped Off! “Honey, he’s a good Doctor and he’s always been fair. The girls in his office fixed my glasses for free… twice. Let me get the number.”
“No. Whatta ‘bout those ones at the mall?”
Oh Help Me. “You could call them and see what they offer. Let me get you the number.”
“No. Let me think about it.”
EVERY TIME!! The same conversation… every time! For 3 months!
So on a Wednesday after havin’ this aspirating’ conversation for the umpteen bazillionth time, I finally said, “Honey, I’m callin’ one of these places and makin’ an appointment with one of them. You will piss and moan about it every step of the way. Either you do it or I WILL!”
He called Dr. So&So. “I’d like to make an appointment to have my eyes checked.”
Instantly, he puts his finger in his ear! This is not good! “Excuse me?”
And poof! He jumps up… This is BAD.
You know his hearin’ is bad. So bad he has a hearin’ aid… that he doesn’t wear. He tried very recently to wear it and I loved it!!! He could hear me clearly and I didn’t have to repeat everything I said twice. The first time becuz I try to speak in normal voice and Twice becuz I have  to speak a little louder. If I have to say something a 3rd time, he gets TONE… lots of TONE!!
“Don’t you take that TONE with me Missy!”
But that bliss lasted an hour. And back to the box it went.
So there he is on his feet with his finger in ear tryin’ to hear the person on the other end better, when he gives up and hands me the phone. “Talk to her. Is she even speakin’ English?”
I’ve never had a problem with understandin’ the girls that work there… until I spoke to this one.
She was either hurt becuz of Roy’s statement or is just plain mousey becuz my finger went to my ear too! GEE Whiz!! If you are gonna be a receptionist you can be bold and still be professional… I did it.
Roy’s havin’ his kanniption fit, while I’m tryin’ to hear what she said, when HE said, “next week? Tell her thank you and good bye.” And that’s what I did.
Roy called SearsOptical and scheduled an appointment for Thursday… the next day.
And all is right with the world.

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♥Georgie♥ said...

YAY for Sears Optical! you crack me up!