Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Fallout…

Let just say, that I feel so much better with my laptop than that old slowass Granny desktop… But that’s for later.
There were some questions asked about the BreakUp and other friends, so I’ll start with that.
Yes, there is another couple, Jesse and Rowdy.We’ve only known them for almost 2 years. Roy’s not as willin’ to let other people into his life as I am. We’ve been friends with Loretta and StupidAssEddie for near 15 years. We’ve been close… and then again… not. I have tolerated StupidAssEddie THE ENTIRE TIME!! Jesse works with Loretta. And that’s how I met Jesse. I adore Jesse. She’s a lot like me.
So through out … I typed Thru so much that Through looks totally wrong! But anyway, Thru this whole mess, I’ve been ventin’ to Jesse without tellin’ her the hateful digs that StupidAssEddie has said about her and Rowdy. She knows that Eddie is an asshole and hates her but still… I haven’t repeated certain things. I’m not that person. She’s asked me several times, “why does Eddie hate Rowdy? He’s so likable!”
And she’s right. Rowdy is so easy goin’ and very likable. But I know why. I know “WHY” for a lot of her questions. But I keep my mouth shut. I’m not that person.
When I broke up with the MerryWidow, it was clean. As in every breakup there seems to be a need to blame someone. Roy took the blame for the breakup of me and the MerryWidow. She said almost every time we went to town, “Roy doesn’t want you to take me to town, does he?”  He didn’t give a flip. And I told her that! Every time!!
But she’s as hard-headed as me so Roy took the blame. He didn’t know it. And of course if you don’t know it, how could he possibly have given two shits about it??
So StupidAssEddie wanted to blame me… of course.
I wasn’t present when Roy told them they have been “voted off the Island” so I don’t know everything that was said. I could tell from what Roy told me that Eddie wanted to blame me. And there was no way in Hell that Roy was gonna tell me that!! He told Eddie that “none of us are perfect. And that you are not gettin’ away blameless here.” That Eddie had “sealed his fate when he blew up” over the Crablegs thing.
And without going into all that bullshit again, let me just say I was never in his face rude. I never told him off. I always just smiled and went along just to spend time with Loretta.
I kept hopin’ that if she got out away from him from time to time she would wise up on her own. That she would fight to be independent but still married. Fight to have her friends and do what she needs to do for her career. He pitched the biggest tittybaby fit when she went a conference2 years ago with Jesse and another woman from work… You know one of those “continuing education” things that people have to do. He acted like a totally jackass and she hasn’t went to another.
I never asked her to choose. I’m not that person. I wanted her to stand on her own two feet beside Eddie not 6 steps behind him.
But no. She wants to live in her little bubble with a man that treats her like she is his child. He has to have things his way.
Once, when Roy and I had couples massages for my birthday, we planned to go to the local Japanese Steakhouse too. Oddly enough, Eddie called as we sat in the truck after the massages. He and Loretta were in town too. Roy’s half of the conversation went like this:
“Really? We are fixta go eat at the Japanese Steakhouse.” he said.
Eddie commented something.
“No. Nadine doesn’t want to eat at the Outback.”
Eddie commented something else.
And Roy said, “Hey! It’s her birthday and she gets to pick!”
Roy and I had a fabulous time without them for my birthday dinner.
If Eddie doesn’t get his way, he doesn’t do it. No suckin’ it up and just smilin’ thru it. He is a totally Fuck Head!!
So Roy told them on Saturday that They’re Out. And Loretta texts once me, which I don’t answer… I made my mind up several days before the shit hit the fan that I wasn’t gonna… give her a dose of her own medicine. On Monday am, she called Roy.
She called Roy.
Not me… I wouldn’t have talked to her anyway… but still.
She called him to ask if I would use some incriminating photos against her… in a very mousy voice he could barely hear.
Yes. I have one photo.
She didn’t call him to ask how to right a 15yr old friendship but about the photos.
She thinks I have several. I have one. I deleted the rest.
What does that tell you about her?
What does that tell you about me?
What does she thinks about me?
I’m not that person. And Roy told her that.
“She’s not out to hurt you, she just wants to be left alone.”
 I figure if the photo was sent to me, I can keep it.
Deleted the ones that I took. But kept the one that was sent to me.
It’s tucked away safely in my slowass granny pc should I need it.
StupidAssEddie is Roy’s boss.
Hurt Roy… I might need it.
I am that person!


Becca said...

You put up with way more sh** than any one person should! You tell her to leave you alone and yes you are that person if she doesn't. And maybe if Eddie would stop being such a control freak others might like him just a wee bit more..maybe..or not!

Dawn said...


I feel like I'm dealing with something similar!

Wouldn't it be nice if some adults actually acted like "Adults?" I'm sick of drama. SICK OF IT!

♥Georgie♥ said...

wow...I am glad Roy did the informin of being voted off the island...but I still hurt for you a friendship lost is still a friendship lost...that dayum stoopidassa eddie I think i wanna stake him in the heart for all the crap he has caused

Katy said...

I know I keep saying this, but I really am glad that you're done with those people. If Loretta is going to let herself be a doormat to Eddie than it's best that you don't waste any more time on her.