Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bubba, A Pony, And The Propane Tank Part 2…

My filly wasn’t a pinto but I didn’t care. Little Joe would love me on any horse I rode.

She was so cute and so tiny. I could stand beside her and touch her back not like Momma’s big horse. On Momma’s big horse, it was scary… and a long way to the ground! Even when I was 14, it was a long way to the ground!! But that’s another story for another day!

I brushed my pony and helped feed her. I helped trim her mane and braided her tail. I had a saddle all ready for her… after she was broke!

Yep. She wasn’t broke to ride.

I’ve been hardheaded and determined to have my way all my life. And if that pony needed to be broke to ride, I would do it. I’ve seen how it’s done.

I can do it! Up to now in my 5 year old life, I’d survived the birth of my brother, the chicken pox, and I’d already ran away from home once! I could do anything!!

But I would need help. I recruited my baby brother. Bubba was 2.

My pony was broke to lead, and I had been leadin’ her around all mornin’ in the yard... all of 10 minutes. I was tryin’ to wear her out… make her more docile.

I was ready.

Bubba was ready. He had his cowboy boots on and his hat… along with his diaper.

And I said, “Okay Bubba, Get Up There! I’ll Give You A Ride!”

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

“Like this. Hold the reigns.” and handed them over. I grabbed a hand full of mane and thru my leg over her back.

I sat there all of 2 seconds when that pony exploded!

Bubba fell backwards on his butt and let go of the reigns. I held on for dear life!! I managed to stay on for the 2nd buck but that was all she wrote!!!

I went flyin’ thru the air and hit the propane tank with my shoulder!!

That pony went runnin’ for the barn! She had had enough!!

Now don’t think that we were left unsupervised. I looked over to the barn area and there was Daddy. He had watched the entire thing. Both of his kids were sittin’ in crumpled heaps and bawlin’ but he was laughin’.

Oh… Good Times.


♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...OMGosh love how you had your bubba help you out...I always was the brain behind kid plans when i was kid then I put my sisters or cousins up to the dirty deed(s) they always got the whopping

Dawn said...

ROFL! I could totally picture this whole thing happening!

Territory Mom said...

OMG, you should write a book. This is great!!!!