Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bubba, A Pony, And The Propane Tank Part 1…

When I was a little girl, Momma wanted horses. Daddy being the sorta guy that makes dreams come true, bought her a horse. Momma had aspirations of being a champion barrel racer… it wasn’t gonna happen on that nag she picked out! The damn thing was afraid of barrels, the fence posts, the mailbox… they say it was becuz someone roped goats with her. That’s the end of any good horse!! To rope goats!!! Bad Juju! Not only that but she was a slow runner and had no stop button… but that’s another story all together.

So when Momma’s dream was dashed to bits, she decided to compete with wagons and ponies… something like The Prairie Schooner with Boomer and Sooner… without the tarp… and the style and finesse. Daddy had a wagon made for her and he bought her a set of Shetland ponies and all the tack and gear that she would need for her adventures.

No fair! I wanted a pony too. Momma can’t have EVERYTHING!!

Every year during the State Fair in Tulsa, discount coupons were given out in the 6 pack bottles of Pepsi for the fair. Now in my 5 year old brain, those coupons were for entries to win a pony! Why I don’t know. I can’t imagine that Pepsi would actually give away a pony but that’s what I saw! And I wanted that pony! We went to the fair but I never got that pony!

I wanted a pinto pony, just like Little Joe’s Pinto!! So we could ride together and match. I loved Little Joe. I was so stressed and cryin’ about him dyin’ and never returnin’ to the Ponderosa and Daddy said, “It’s just a TV show, He’ll be fine.” And sure enough, Little Joe didn’t die and come back next week. Daddy was so wise!

And Very Smart! He had all his favorite girls wantin’ ponies!! So he bought Momma her matchin’ set for racin’ and one of the pony’s had a little filly with her!!!

I was over the moon!!

A New Pony!


The Propane Tank?

Tune in Tomorrow for the next installment of  Nadine’s Childhood.


♥Georgie♥ said...

I love this post! will you and Roy be going to the fair this year? if so maybe we could meet up?
oh and you were the FIRST and ONLY person to find all my lies....seeeee I told you...YOU complete me!

I need your mailing addy to send you a lil somethin somethin...

Dawn said...

Cracking up at Georgie's comment!

Getting ready to read part 2!

Sorry I've been MIA on visiting and commenting. I hope now that school has started back I will get my SH*T together! =)