Friday, August 13, 2010

And Now For The Rest Of The Story…

I feel like Paul Harvey.

So the eye exam appointment was made for Thursday at 10am. “Can you remember that?” I was asked.
Me?? Why must I always take flack!
I was up and gettin’ dressed when Roy said, “Do you think they could just put new lenses in my old frames?”
WHAT!! THE!!! HELL!!!?????
“Why in the world would you want to do that? Those are so outta date that my Grandpa wears the same pair!! And he’s 85!!!! You’re not an old man, why would you want to keep them?”
And he said the 3 little words I use on him. All. The. Time. “I like them.”
This isn’t my first rodeo. And he isn’t gonna use me against me.
I started to dig around in my jewelry box to find my weapon of choice and pulled the big guns… my AuntPattie’s Cat Eye Glasses… complete with green lenses that she wore in 1968! I put them on and fluffed my hair up and went to battle!!
“If you do not get new modern frames I will go down and have my prescription put in these and wear them every where I go! Why? Becuz I like them!”
Point Made!
At Sears, he went back to have his exam while I looked over frames. The receptionist told me I could with go him. I declined. “No. This is my me time. I’ll stay here.”
In the mean time another couple came in… an older couple in their mid 70’s. Another man with eye troubles. The Mrs and I chit chatted while the men were looked after. Her man was just as stuck on his big huge frames from the 70’s that mine was and just as cantankerous… sorta. Roy’s good about it. He makes people laugh. He isn’t hateful… not normally. He’s exasperatin’!
I told her, “My husband will warm them up for yours.”
Roy came out of the exam room, he asked if I had some suggestions. Of Course I Do!
And so here we go… I handed him a pair.
“These are so light!”
“I like them.”
“There are made so flimsy!”
“Your face is crooked.”
“It is not!”
“Try these.”
“They don’t fit.”
“Your face is just crooked.”
“My mustache is crooked.”
“It is not!”
“I’ll just shave it off!”
“I like these.”
“Those are like your old pair.”
“I know!”
“These make you look like a uni-brow!”
“We can’t have that!”
“This is my pick. You may look over the rest but THESE are the ones.” I sat back down next to the other lady and she whispered to me, “You are so right! He’s a pill!”
Roy had one more thing to do with the EyeDr… that dilation thing… She… SHE… just in case you didn’t catch that last pitch… She came outta the exam room smilin’ at me sorta blushed like… I don’t know what took place in there or what he said but it made her blush.
Oh yeah, he’s a pill!
And That My Friends… Is The Rest Of The Story.


Tracie said...

LOL Sounds like a great day!!

The Gaelic Wife said...

I'm tired just from reading it. Is he always that exasperating?

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...that Roy is one of a kind!