Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacays, All-Clad and Loretta…

Roy finally had two days in a row off and we went to Branson.

Well first, I called Jesse to see what her plans were… and her schedule didn’t jive with Roy’s. So that was when I text’d Loretta. And she never replied.

So Roy and I went alone. And we had a great time at Branson Landing… I got him drunk and parked him on a bench and I shopped peacefully. Came home with a cute pair of pink flats and an All-Clad colander. I love All-Clad!!! Roy spoiled me one Christmas with a set. I’m a lucky gal! Most women would cringe at the thought of cookware for Christmas… It’s All-Clad!!! It’s the Cadillac of Cookware! But he knows better than to buy me a Kirby vacuum… since I’m not allowed to vacuum I’d just as soon not have a fancy schmancy dirt picker upper!

We went to Landry’s … That was THE Best Food since Galveston. Yes it was that good!! Roy had the biggest lobster tail we’ve ever seen!! We had a good time.

Anyway, Roy and I talked back and forth durin’ the day about Loretta and Eddie and just exactly how we fit into THEIR lives. We don’t! We’ve known them for 10 years and it’s been very hurtful… for me… to be treated so poorly. To make matters worse, Loretta is totally oblivious to all of it. She prides herself for being “in her own little World” and enjoys life in “her bubble”.  She’s told me so!She doesn’t read the latest books. She doesn’t know what’s in style and what’s not. She doesn’t know who the movie stars are and doesn’t care to go to the movies. But most importantly, she has no clue how stressed I am over all this. I think it’s rude for her to not respond to my text… bad manners! But it’s not the first time this sorta thing has happened. I have in the past sent emails inviting them to go with us to different places and she didn’t respond to any of them. But this text… is the last straw.

I’ve finally got Roy on the same page as me with it. No more invitations are to be extended to them to come over and grill or swim or out to eat or anything… WE ARE DONE!

So Roy and I are walkin’ in SilverDollarCity when the alert on my cell goes off… it’s Loretta. I didn’t even look at it. I just stewed over it for about 30 minutes. I had to tell Roy about it. “huh! What did it say?”

‘What time are you getting home?’

“huh! Did you tell her?”

“Oh Hell No!”

And here’s the part I don’t get… he said, “You should tell her a time and find out what she wants.”


I thought we were adamant about cuttin’ them out of our lives!!!

“you send her a text becuz you’re a better person than that.” blah blah blah…

AM I!!!!???????

So I did. I sent her a text expectin’ for her to text back some sorta self invitation for her family to come over and swim in MY FREAKIN’ POOL!!!




She never text me another message!

So now I have something else to stew over for the rest of the frickin’ day… Are they over there right now in my pool when I’M AT NOT HOME!!!!???????

So I told Roy my fears and worries… I am a good person and I will  share just about everything I have with my friends, if I give it to you or you ask, I’ll share. BUT I DRAW THE LINE AT DOING THINGS BEHIND MY BACK OR TAKIN’ THINGS WITHOUT ASKIN’! I’m good shit but I sure don’t like being shit on! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate slap in the face if your so called best friends had a party at your house while you were gone????

Roy was ready to go at that statement! He had turned the pool filter off becuz if it had stormed, the pool would fill up with leaves and clog up the skimmer and burn up the filter motor. Roy’s very picky about HIS STUFF. He’s not so liberal as me.

We didn’t find any evidence of anyone being there… Thank Goodness!

She never called after that or text. No self invites no nothing… then why did she want to know when we were gonna get home???

Anyone have a clue?


Anonymous said...

She was probadly messing with your, head knowing you were having a good time with your man, and wasn't thinking about her at all, so she text you and there she was on your mind again ruining your moment as always. So delete her from your phone, your life and then she won"t have that chance again. TammyS

bigdogmompam said...

Ain't that just like her to mess up a perfect day!! Block her number from the landline and remove it from your cell. It's obvious that she doesn't care if your feelings are hurt and you deserve better.

Billie said...

My guess is that she was thinking about doing something but then Eddie got to her.

Katy said...

I'm suspicious like you--I would just KNOW she was in my pool. ARGH. I think your instincts are right--time to stop replying.