Friday, July 09, 2010

Spider Invasion…

The other day a spider’s nest hatched out in the bathroom… those fuzzy black jumpin’ spiders.
They can be big. Not tarantula size but scary just the same. Many people confuse them with black widows… becuz well their black.

But anyway… they hatched out in the bathroom.
I sat down on the toilet and reached for the toilet paper when I noticed a tiny black bug on the roll. My first thought was it was a tick. But then I saw more… way too many to be ticks. I’ve only seen that many ticks on dogs and cats.
And just then one repelled from the TP and was danglin’ mid air… that cinched it for me!

I tried to take a photo of them but they were just too tiny to photograph. When I zoomed in, it was too blurry. And at wide angle… well my bathroom is too dirty for that!

I’m sorta Zen about bugs… At least with spiders. They eat flies.
I hate flies.
And ticks.
And maggots… but that’s not really a bug so much… well neither are spiders… that whole leg thing and all but that’s not the point. I don’t kill bugs unless it’s a fly or a tick… and roaches.
And let’s not forget those sting bees from the pool!!! I tried to be all Zen with them but they are just so freakin’ hateful…
Just the other evenin’, there was a locust crawlin’ on the porch the other night… I walked around it on my way into the house. But when I went in later in the evenin’ I saw where someone had stepped on it! I was tipsy enough to tell Roy all about it… just a cicada tryin’ to find a place to shed its shell!! “And some dumbass stepped on it!!” He knows how I feel about bugs… and furry critters. And he was shushin’ me as he didn’t want our guests to know that I was pissed that THEY HAD KILLED THIS INNOCENT BUG!!
Roy is damn lucky I let him hunt deer!!

So my bathroom is inhabited by spiders. Lots of baby jumpin’ spiders.
Later in the day, I told Roy about the spiders. And he said, “did you send them on their way?”
He knows better.
The sayin’ “would never harm a fly” is lost on me. Flies I kill but Spiders… live.
I saw the Momma spider a week or so ago and left her be ,not thinkin’ she was makin’ a nest under my jewelry box!!!
“No. I just let them do their thing. They weren’t botherin’ me so I let them be baby spiders learnin’ to repel.”
“Becuz they are so cute.”
He’s mockin’ me!!

“Yes they are just so precious!”
And he cracked up.

They were gone when he was in the bathroom but I noticed this am they are back to the repellin’ lessons and makin' little webs... they're just so precious!

And they're on the toilet… I may have to rethink being Zen about spiders.


Tracie said...

Sorry, spiders must go!

MizAngie said...

I thought you set them free!? Maggots are the WORST. Yech. Flies come in a close second. I don't mind spiders so much, except for the brown recluse. I don't particulary want my flesh to rot because of a spider bite.

Ava Dawn said...

I agree...spiders MUST go....

Billie said...

I am completely not zen about spiders. I would be out of the house like a shot and require a written certification from someone that every spider had been killed before coming back!