Monday, July 12, 2010

Is This Heaven???

“No. This is Iowa.” Field of Dreams… or Roy Hightower the minute he crosses the border into Iowa.

When Roy was 9 or 10 years old, his parents shipped him to Iowa to spend time on his Aunt’s farm. Imagine that... Send a 10 year old on a Greyhound from Texas to Iowa alone. That was a different time! But that’s not the point. He was sent to help out on the farm. He learn to work hard and to do a good job when you do it. A work ethic he still carries with him. He was drivin’ tractors, detasslin’ corn, walkin’ the beans, and haulin’ hay. And let me tell you, he was in Heaven!!

Roy would have rather gone to Iowa and worked his butt off than stay home with his parents. Even back then, he didn’t want to spend time with them. He has an emotional bond to his aunt that is stronger than the one to his mother… his mom is a trip! He had 3 cousins that lived there too… all girls. They consider him a brother more than a cousin. And still do.

When he graduated high school, he headed to Iowa. He would have stayed there and been a farmer all his life if one stupid red-haired girl had not broken his heart. Thank Goodness for her!!!

A couple days ago he received a Text from one of the cousins sayin’ she was comin’ to Oklahoma for a quick visit on her way to Texas and wondered how we could work it out. If he could visit with her, he’d make the trip to OKC to see the OldFolks… though his mother has been beggin’ since I don’t know when for us to come see them. Those people just flat make him nuts!

He went once after a big ice storm to make some money cleanin’ up trees but his brother and dad fought so much over picky shit Roy just came home. I wonder sometimes if it becuz he doesn’t want to see them being so old or what. I hate goin’ becuz I can’t be me. I have to watch everything I say so that it doesn’t hurt someone feelin’s. But I’m to keep my mouth shut if his mother says something hurtful to me. And I’m not one to keep my mouth shut. Hell’s Bells I’ve excommunicated my own family becuz of hurtful things said to me, I’m damn sure not goin’ to take it lyin’ down from his!!

So when we go to OKC we make it short and as painless as possible. Just Grin and Bear It!

We did have a good visit with his cousin and her husband and when they left we hightailed home!! Kid you not! They weren’t gone 5 minutes!!

Heaven is Iowa. For Us OKC is Hell!


Katy said...

Hmmmm. . . Iowa. I'm still not convinced:)

Territory Mom said...

I feel your pain.