Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fans, Badges, and Spiders…

You know how I feel about Facebook. And I thought why not do what every other creative blogger has done and use FB as the networkin’ tool that it is, so I created a Fan Page for my little blog. You’ll see a badge for it to the right… along with a badge to “Friend Me”.

I created another Twitter account… since someone took Velvettush … you’ll have to look for MzVelvettush. That’s one me!

You may follow me, I’ll follow you. Friend me and I’ll accept. Be A Fan, And I’ll Love You ForEver!!

And you don’t even have to thrill me with showin’ me your sexy undies to do it… MSN and You had to be there.

Annnnd… just so you know, I did indeed release the spider babies into the wild… what I could find still in the nest. There are at least 3 still livin’ peacefully in the bathroom. I can spook them and they jump off the towels or the toilet, then I grab the repellin’ line and move them to some other area that they can be little spiders and not bite me when I towel off after a shower or need to pee.

The ones in the wild, well, a pray mantis came a runnin’ yellin’ somethin’ about dinner when I put the nest on the ground. UGH!!

Let’s weigh this out… get squished by a bigass white woman when she sits on the toilet or be eaten by a horse doctor??? 

Tough Call.

PS: I will still use the other Twitter Account… it’s linked to the TweetDeck and I’m not changin’ it. It’s locked and YOU have to be Very Special to get in that one.

PPS: Can you tell when I’m happy?


♥Georgie♥ said...

I'd follow you to the ends of the earth! however if you are carrying spider babies i might follow a little behind you =)

The Gaelic Wife said...

Very happy!