Saturday, July 31, 2010

And Then There Was The Divorce...

The throw the shit on the lawn and burn it kinda divorce!!

So, Roy and I made a deal becuz we were both in agreement that we were done with Loretta and StupidAss Eddie.
When I'm done, That's it! I'm Done!!
 And the ins and outs were that if either of us heard from Loretta or StupidAssEddie... other than work related... we were supposed to tell each other. Simple enough.
Well, for whatever reason, Roy was a bit slow in tellin' me EVERYTHING. Not all the calls were work related. And somewhere in the past week, StupidAssEddie managed to put himself in a position to come over for a cookout and nightly swim... Which is "Get my wife drunk so I can fuck her in your pool".

I mean it... Done!

A month or so ago, I reached that point with some members of my family. I committed FaceBookSuicide. I deactivated my account. I do not want to have any further contact with anyone in my family. I do not want any of them knowin' what I am doin' online or off. I shut everything down.
No more road trips.
No more family functions.
No more GiGi... NOTHING.
I closed that door. I am done.
I think the only thing that kept me going was that "Nadine" Had a "Birthday"! All my blogger gals wished me Happy Birthday and I thought, "the world isn't so dark."

So goin' thru that and tryin' very hard to put this whole Loretta and StupidAssEddie thing into prospective with Roy, I had to remind him that if I can walk away from being GiGi, I can easily close the door on Loretta and walk away. He finally got it.
Some people need a baseball bat up side the head to grasp it and he finally got it.

So now StupidAssEddie worked himself into cookout at my house.
I wish I could recant the conversations that I had with Roy... the ones where he's tellin' me that They were comin' over, becuz he knew he was in trouble. He knew I was gonna blow up at any moment. So he told me in spurts. "He wants to come over... but he's not sure... he has no money... and he's been wantin' to do something... blah blah blah..."
And I just took it in and let it simmer.
I'm a big girl. I can suffer thru another evenin' with them.
If I don't have to provide food or entertainment or booze... I can just sit on my floaty and simmer to a boil. Like always.

But when I woke up there was a message on my phone for me. Another broken message from Roy. "Yes... they are comin'... Loretta will be callin'... to know what to bring food wise..."
Hold Up!
I kid you not!
Roy's call, "Adults only... and HE wanted to know if it was okay to wear their thongs..." There was a long pause. On a Voicemail... Roy knew he was in trouble... "And I told him 'whatever they want'. Oh and be nice."
Be Nice!!??!!
I've been Nice and that's the freakin' problem. I'm sick and tired, and tired and sick of being Nice!
When I'm pissed off, I shake. So when you get broken up texts that do not make any sense that's why!!
I think I even dropped my phone I was so pissed off I couldn't see straight!!

Mount Nadine Has Blown!!!!

I regrouped myself. And called my husband... the love of my life. The one that I have stood by for 16 years of good times and some very bad times. The one that I have excommunicated my family for... he was fixinta get his ass kicked!

"So I guess, I'll just call my mother to come up for dinner."
"You heard me. And you know how I feel. I'm tired of being Nice, of being used. I'm not good enough to shop with, but it's okay for them to come over when it fits in or if they don't have money do something better with other people and fuck in my pool."

And he said, "I'll fix it."

Oh, fix it he did. Text and phone calls made to fix it. He told StupidAssEddie that he had sealed his fate when he blew up over us wantin' to take Loretta to eat CrabLegs... So True. That if StupidAssEddie could pick Loretta's friends "then My Wife is Pickin' Mine!"

So it's official. I am divorced from Loretta.

I just closed the door and walked away.


Tracie said...

Good for you! But what did S.A.E say to all that?

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Nadine, I glad you stood up for yourself. it's their lost. TammyS.

Jeankfl said...

I'm so sorry you've had to give up so many people.. they're all stupid.. and strange! But, good for you, standing up for yourself. That's not right.. and Loretta probably didn't even try to fight it! She needs to get a clue.

Sherrie said...

All too often in life we choose being nice to keep the peace with others, when there is a raging war going on in our own souls. Good for you girl ~hugs~

The Gaelic Wife said...

Way to stand up for yourself! We all still love you.

Katy said...

THANK GOODNESS. If someone asked if they could wear a thong over to my house, well, they would not be invited bath. Ditto for doing it in my pool. None of that stuff flies at my house.

You're stronger than me, though. I would have just left and let them hang out with no food.

MizAngie said...

I love that line "if you can pick your wife's friends then my wife can pick mine." I loooooove loyalty. I mean, any man is good for a piece of ass, but when you get a LOYAL one that's the bomb-diggity!

I love Roy for saying that. Do him in your pool for me.

Billie said...

You have a good man in Roy. It might have taken a bit for him to understand what was going on but when he did... he fixed it. You couldn't ask for anything more. And I totally loved that line about his wife picking his friends!

Congratulations on standing up for yourself and tossing them out the door. Plenty of users in life without deliberately keeping the ones you know about around.