Thursday, July 01, 2010

3 Things I Learned From The Thug…

From the time I saw him. I could go on all day long all the things I actually learned from him. I just narrow it down to that last visit.
1) That he still carried a torch for me… after 8 yrs!
This one I wasn’t surprised. I told him I would haunt his dreams. He is the one that screwed up a good thing. Not me.
  But I’m so glad he did. If he hadn’t been the way he was… and still is… a whore mongerin’ druggie I wouldn’t be where I am now.
2) That he wanted to “do me right.”
He did me right… forwards and backwards!! That was never an issue. But he never got that Break-Up Fuck. And that’s what he wanted.
I laughed in his face.
If it hadn’t been for Roy, I might have done it. Me, being a Trashy Slut and all. Being married to EarlLee didn’t stop me… But the relationship I had with Roy, did.
3) That he thought he was EdithAnne’s father.
It was like this. He came a knockin’ on my door one evenin’ to “talk” to me. I let him, just as Sookie let’s a Vampire in her home. And the whole time he was there he kept eyeballin’ EdithAnne!! And turn his head side ways as if he was tryin’ to see some sort of resemblance between him and her.
So I laughed in his face and rescinded his invite and POOF! He was gone.
EdithAnne told her daddy what had happened, “I should buy your Momma a gun but she’d just use it on me.”
So True.


The Gaelic Wife said...

Lesson learned. By you and by EarlLee. Maybe not so much by Roy.

Dawn said...

LOL! Love your honesty!!