Monday, June 07, 2010

Who Was I???

The Link-Up for Monday at the RHOK is “Who were you in High School?” Miss Priss is being awfully nosey!

My High School Life…It was like a Rock Opera.

I was “Jack and Diane”… “Let me peel off those Bobby Brooke’s and do as I please.” Oh Yeah!! My Bobby Brooke’s were 0’s!!

I was an aggie gal…“Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. I was in Future Farmers of America. “early to bed. Early To Rise… Thank God For Country Boys!!!! Why? Becuz that was where the boys were, they wouldn’t let me play football. And I was too short for basketball.

I was “Hot Blooded” and lived “Life In the Fast Lane” … ”Faster Faster the Light is Turning Red. They didn’t care they were dying together.” I stopped track my freshman year becuz I fell for an upperclassmen… wasted 2 years of my high school life with him. He looked like Slash from Guns and Roses. I didn’t need to read his mind, “honey you oughta know… come on baby do you do more than dance.” Once he graduated, he was partied like a rockstar without me.

I was heartbroken. “ Heartache Tonight.”… “We can beat around the bushes. We can get down to the bone. We can leave in the parking lot but either way there’s gonna be a heartache tonight I know!” He slept around with several girls. It ended badly. He had one stupid chick that was stoned outta her mind come tell me he didn’t sleep with her… Like that would change my mind!! Well truth be told, a couple of girls come to me to tell me that he had slept with them. One of them is on my friend’s list on Facebook. I think she slept with EarlLee too. Hhhhmmm… when we were married!!!!

I was knocked up by Jack… well it was EarlLee but that not the way the song goes. My Senior year I was pregnant… One the worst years of my life. My dad died too. I can’t think of a good song to go that…

“Oh Yeah, Life Goes On Long After The Thrill Of Livin’ is Gone…”

So who were you in high school? The ladies of The RHOK wanna know. Link Up with us.RHOKBUTTON-2


Territory Mom said...

You lived a lifetime by the time you graduated. Always enjoy reading your story.

Beth said...

Nadine ...
I think you and I may be about as close to exact opposites as it's possible for two people to be but I am always fascinated by your story! And you tell it well! Hope you have a great week!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I wasn't preggo in high school -But, soon after. Sorry to hear about your dad. Sounds like you've had quite the ride.

Dawn said...

FINALLY, someone's post that I can relate to. LOL!

With the exception of getting pregnant and losing my dad. Sorry about that, btw.

I always look forward to your linkups and what you have to say.

~Mrs. Albright

Jennifer said...

FFA is for sure where the boys were!
There was this cute cowboy from Texas that I met one year at National Convention in Kansas City.... sadly it was not meant to be anything more then a flirtatious day in KC..

Great thanks now I have visuals of Slash!

Tracie said...

You forgot the song "Earls gotta die" LOL

Katy said...

I love hearing your story. I must confess, though. . . I don't even know what Bobby Brooks are. Pants? Shoes?