Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Roy’s Job…

Yes. He has a part time job. And he hates it.


The place that he works has individuals that have broken the law and have opted or been forced to do community service work it off with THEM.


These people show up and Roy gives them things to do… or not. He watched one man push a broom around the garage area for 8 hours. 8 hours!! The ladies come in and take out the trash or sweep. I don’t really know, I’ve only heard him mention women only once. Some clean out the trucks… actual work.

Roy called me just a bit ago, “So this community service guy is here and he’s out there sittin’ on his ass on his cell phone the whole time, but when I walk out there, he puts his cell phone away and starts pushin’ his broom around. Well, he just came in here with blood all over his hands. What!? He cut his self textin’???”

Too Funny!!


Tracie said...

too frustrating!

Becca said...

Our tax dollars at work..lesson learned..nada!

Dawn said...

Oh, geez! Texting?!? Yeah, right. I wonder what he was really doing?

I can see why Roy hates his job. It would be boring as hell!