Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of My Obsession...

I have a few.

But my car is at the top of the thought Roy?
He has his moments. This isn't one of them!

I love this car!

And though, Roy does not give me any credit for it, I am a good driver.....CLICK HERE.
It's his own fault!
He's the one that puts those ideas in my head!!

But on with the show...
When we came back from one of our vacations... and Roy did all the driving... something was not quite right with the car. It didn't shift right. I let it go for about 2 days thinkin' I was just outta practice but it just kept gettin' worse!
"Honey, you need to check the car."
He rolls his eyes, "What now?"
What Now??
I have I ever been wrong about something being wrong with the car????

"Name one time I was wrong about the car?"
He couldn't do it... of course you can't!
But he didn't go out and look... at all!!!
"Fine, I'll just take to MY MECHANIC!!!"
He hates it when I use the MECHANIC CARD!!!
"All they want to do is sleep with you!"
Honestly, I don't care what they want. I got power steerin' fluid for free. And no bodily fluids were swapped. You do it your way and I'll do it mine!
So I played my Mechanic Card and all he said was, "You may have to do it. I don't have time."

Yes, that great crash that you heard was me fallin' off my pedestal!
Okay, out comes the The All Powerful Card.
GET MY WAY CARD... and that never fails!!
It's as easy as "The Bend and Snap."
Works with just about EVERY MAN I'VE DEALT WITH.
And no bodily fluids are swapped.
I pouted.
I stomped my foot.
I batted my eyelashes.
And I said, "But It Will Make Me Happy."
And I'm placed back on my pink satin goose down pillow on top of my pedestal.
He checked the fluids and the shifter.
He was perplexed about how to get inside of the boot around the shifter... I was not.
It can unsnapped rather easy. The bolts holding the shifter in place had loosened and one was completely out!
No wonder it wouldn't go in the right gear! There was too much play...really sloppy movement. There is no room for sloppy in a race car!
He tightened it all back up and problem solved!!

And that's all he had to do in the first place... listen to me.
Have I ever been wrong about the car??

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Katy said...

I'd be obsessed with that car too. Seriously, when are you picking me up?