Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neater Than Shit!!!

IMG_2870 Roy’s job is an easy pud job that he hates. With a Passion!

He’s an adrenaline junky. He’s been in manhunts. He’s been in high speed pursuits. He’s been in shoot outs. He did a job that he would have Paid To DO It!! When the Military went to Afghanistan, he would have LOVED to re-enlisted!! He watched every news story he could just to see the Marines’ kickin’ Ass!! He watched it more than porn!

  He’s not an answer the phone and be sweet to the public kinda guy… which is what his job entails.

So when his boss said, “I need a volunteer to climb the tower to check the water level.” he jump at it. His co-workers were silent. None of them would do it.

I received a picture message on my phone as I was leavin’ Ada, Oklahoma of a man on the end of ladder on a fire engine. I was drivin’ so I didn’t think a thing about it. When I stopped and looked at it more closely… SHIT A BRICK! That’s my husband!!!

When I got home I got to hear the whole story behind the photo. And the call came again… “We need you to climb the tower.” We rolled outta the pool, gathered up the video equipment, and headed out. I was so excited!! He’s just neater than shit.

But a huge Thunderstorm stopped his climb… Lightening put a damper on it. The next mornin’ I was sittin’ in the parkin’ lot across from tower filmin’ the whole thing… When my cell phone starts playin’ the Marine Corps Hyme.

What the hell!!???

When he climbed the tower the first time, he left all his personal items on the ground for fear of droppin’ them either in the water tank or clear to the ground. So when my cell goes off with his ring… What the hell!!!!???

Is someone Fuckin’ with me?!!!!???

So I answer it, “What The Hell????”

Roy says, “I’m on top of World!!”


He’s just neater than shit!


♥Georgie♥ said...

Love it!!! Of course I am the polar opposite of Roy and never would climb that high...I mean how in the heck would i get down??? lol

Is that a pic of his back side?

Territory Mom said...

Going through some stuff, no time to blog, just needed a laugh and you came through with flying colors. Thank you!!1

Becca said...

Glad that you are back!

Billie said...

Nice butt shot!!!