Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mothers, Daughters, And Southern Comfort…

EdithAnne had bought herself a bottle of Southern Comfort to help enjoy her vacation. By Monday evenin’, she and her sister were polishin’ it off.
Oh how those girls laughed!!
EdithAnne has a lot of her mother’s qualities. She gets lost easy. She’s forgetful. She’s goofy in a quirky way. The best way to describe EdithAnne is she is a true “Alice in Wonderland”.
She’s smart, she could do anything she set her mind to do… but she wakes up in a different world everyday. And when she’s had too much to drink, she talks a lot.
A Lot. Just like her mother.
And I let her talk.
She proceeded to tell me that there are people that believe she has a different father.
When I was in HighSchool, I dated a thug… the guy that looked like Slash. imagesHe is part Creek Indian and tans really dark. I broke up with him and started dating EarlLee one week later…   9 months later, I was pregnant with EdithAnne.
I might have been around the block a time or two. I may deserve that “TrashySlut” Tiara and Sash but I didn’t not cheat on EarlLee with The Thug! When we broke up, there wasn’t even a last kiss so there was no last roll in the hay!!
EdithAnne was born with olive skin and jet black hair and looked like a perfect little Indian baby.
There are people that think he is EdithAnne’s father… to this day!

EarlLee never doubted he was her father. He as sandy blonde hair and might tan if he wasn’t afraid of being in the sun… long story.
To make matters worse, EudoraMae was born blondish and fair skinned. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who her father is.

I told EdithAnne, “Honey, Never Doubt It. No Matter What People Tell You, No Matter What They Whisper, I’m Your Mother.”

She cracked up.

And since EdithAnne was on a roll, she told me she thinks her Daddy carries a torch for me!!
"Dad is sooooo Stupid!!"

I was a bit shocked by that!!
He and I… There’s been blood shed.
No Wonder His Wife Was A Bitch!!!
She thinks so too!!!!
Dumb Bitch!!

I told Roy about it, “They all carry a torch for you!!”

Once when I was still married to EarlLee, TheThug came by for a visit. He wanted to sleep with me. He wanted to “make things right”… he just wanted that Break-Up Fuck he didn’t get.
 I could have a 3 Things I learned from just that visit… And I think that’s what I will do so you’ll come back.

Iz Haz Good JuJu!!

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