Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Ran Away From Home…

For about 4 days.

I needed a break from Roy and all the shit that goes on here. So I called my youngest, EudoraMae, to get ready for a visit… which means, “Clean the House!! Mom’s Comin’”

Then I called EdithAnne, she’s my oldest, to get ready to go with me… which means, “Get Your Husband Lined Out!”

Roy could handle life on his own!

There’s nothing really wrong with the two of us, other than that whole swingin’ thing he keeps buggin’ me about... Later about that.

I just wanted to do something I WANTED TO DO! See Shrek.

I have to drive 250 miles across the state to see a freakin’ movie!!


I picked up EdithAnne Saturday AM and headed south. We laughed wonderin’ what wrong turn we would take… And of course I did. I didn’t end up in Broken Arrow this time.

Some days I can’t find my way outta wet paper bag!

Loved the Shrek Movie!! I have 4 grandsons. 3 enjoyed the movie, one was a bit cranky. Thank Goodness GiGi bought popcorn and huge soda pops!! Picked up a new term for stinky boys with diapers… Rumple StinkyPants!! 2 of the boys are still in diapers. One is a “just in case” thing.

And boys do stink. I raised girls. And I have no clue to what boys like… that little GameBoyThing seems to hold their attention!

My oldest grandson knows EXACTLY what game he wants. And He knows EXACTLY when his mother gets paid so she’ll buy it for him. But GiGi bought it. EudoraMae needs to spend her money on other things. She has started a new job and is takin’ a class at the local college. She’s on her own raisin’ those 3 boys and so I bought the Game.

And while we were at Hellmart, we ran smack dab into EarlLee!!

I am so damn lucky!!

I fixed a fake smile on my face and nodded when I should and was polite when I needed.

“Look PaPa! What GiGi bought me??!!!”


For GiGi!!!

So that smile wasn’t fake.

And of course his wife was with him, and she didn’t even try to be fake!! Bitch!!

Even If I did gain 11 pounds, I’m still skinnier!!

And that smile was real too.

When EdithAnne and I got in the car, she said, “I can cross Dad off the list of people to visit this trip.” One quick hug at HellMart and she’s good. She’s loves her Daddy “but he’s stupid”…. more about that later.

After a trip to the liquor store we headed to EudoraMae Apartment… Chill!! I didn’t buy the liquor. I didn’t need it. But the trip was a vacation for EdithAnne and she wanted it… More about that later.

GiGi didn’t need it, she’s got HappyPills!!!


Territory Mom said...

OMG you are so funny. You made my day.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

How come you just didn't pack up and go to Abu Dhabi? : )

Katy said...

We've all gotta get away some time. . . .