Friday, June 04, 2010

Husbands, The SheDevil, And BBallCamp…

Sooooo. Last summer, Roy and I went to BballCamp with Loretta. I can’t link you to the experience becuz I deleted it. I don’t think Loretta would like what we discussed. She's one of those that puts on that "all is good" fronts... so I deleted it. If she knew I was airin' her dirty laundry... whoooo Boy!

But for those that don’t remember, StupidEddie didn’t want her to go with me. She didn’t want to go alone and asked me to go with her. He had a fit! Threatened her! So Roy had to go with us to “handle” me.

Let the soak in… handle me.
I need to be handled.

Becuz I’m the devil with an attitude that I don’t give a shit and will do just about anything for the sake of fun.

And I don’t.
Give a shit.
But still I don’t need a handler.
Shit just happens to me.
That whole stripper thing was front of EVERYONE and there wasn’t a damn thing Roy could do about it… like he would have stopped it. He loved it.
Stop it? No way!
Shit Happens To Me.

When we came home from camp, we all laughed and giggled about all the fun WE… Roy, Me, and Loretta… had. Soooo much fun that WE couldn’t wait to go back!
I knew Eddie would HAVE TO GO… and he did.
The Devil Made Him Do It!!
After everything that has happened between the 4 of us, I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to go with her again.
Especially with him.

First day of camp this year, I get a text from her. Eddie’s makin’ everyone miserable.
(insert evil laugh here)

Third day of camp Eddie calls Roy. Eddie’s not havin’ fun!!! “Loretta’s worn out from takin’ care of all the kids and me.”
(more evil laughing)

I lead him to it! I’m feelin’ oh so Devilish. I might as well wear that SheDevilBadge with honor instead of buckin’ up about it.

So much for not airin' out her dirty laundry!


Katy said...

Good. Let her stew. She deserves what she gets.

MizAngie said...

He's eat-up with jealousy!

Our more educated and worldly friends will think that's a horrible sentence but I know you'll know exactly what I mean! hahahahha...

Tracie said...

He's such as ass!