Friday, June 18, 2010

3 Things Said To GiGi…

1) “Nipples. Sometimes there gone. And sometimes there here.” My 4 Year Grandson announced that as we were unloadin’ the car from swimmin’ as he pointed to his chest.

Dumbfounded, GiGi stood there and thought about the complexities of her own nipples. “So True.”

2) “Let’s play that game in your bed so when GiGi wakes up, she’ll have BuzzLightyear stuck in her butt crack!”

All the little people laughed. My daughter said that!! Before she started drinkin’!!

Just what GiGi needs!!

3) “GiGi, will you tie my balloon?”

My oldest grandson said it when fillin’ his water balloon. So GiGi tied it... Just before being hit with it!!!

And I tied every stinkin’ one of them that was thrown at me!!!!

And for Honorable Mention: “GiGi, Can I sleep with you?”

Sure!! Some of my best memories are sleepin’ with my Granny. So my oldest grandson slept with me.

And he fidgeted. I hate fidgetin’!! How I can I snuggle with a fidgeter?!

FIDGETED!!!! For Like EVER!!

At least 5 minutes!!!

And when he stopped, he was asleep.

At some point in the night he started turnin’ so that his feet were at my knees, in my crotch, and then in my stomach! This went on all night long! Until he had his feet in my chest!

That was just the first night!! He slept with me every night!!

GiGi Was Pooped Out!!


Tracie said...

Good times!

MizAngie said...

My niece always had to sleep with me and "make a puzzle." Making a puzzle is the same as spooning but sounds so much nicer for aunt & niece.

Katy said...

Awww. . . Charlie's grandma is called Gigi too.

I hate sleepig with other people,but my husband is one of those hippies who thinks we can all sleep together so I've gotten a lot better at it.