Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Do You Blog???

I've asked this same question several times over the past 5 years. But the ladies at RHOK have asked the question in effort to get to know the readers.

I blog to tell stories and to vent. Maybe one day I can open my blog up to my family and close friends but for now this is my little hidey-hole from them.
And There Are Days When I Wanna Tell Them, "I'm Sick of All Ya'll" and Run Away to North Dakota.
Mom said, "you told us that already."
And I did too!!
But I only made to northeastern Oklahoma... another story for another day.

Over the past 5 years, I noticed that people come and go. They either get bored with it or lose internet access becuz of job loss or something. Some have lost their jobs over blogging.
Blog Anomously!!
I can not stress that point enough. I know you want all your hard work and wit to be noticed but not at the loss of income. Lost a good bloggin' buddy that way. I miss him.

Things happen in Real Life that takes a person from BlogWorld... some good, some bad. I miss those gals too.

And then there was King Tom. Still brings me to tears... Gone but not forgotten.

You see I form attachments to my readers and to those blogs that I read. An invisible bond that I rely on to cheer me up thru the hard times.
And you all have done a great job at that! When I was nominated for Okie Blog Awards, I cried!! Somebody likes me!!
Roy was like, "people read that."
Yep they do.

And you keep me grounded, if MizAngie doesn't call me an old heifer every now and then I might just get the big head thinkin' I'm All That!!

I mean I am.

All That.

But still...

I have learned from those blogs I read. I gain a little insight into other worlds thru your lives. Oh the place you take me and the things I've learned. SkyClad Dancin' for one and that HuskerGirls Rock for another. You know that at one time Nebraska was the EVIL EMPIRE to us Okies.
We've had gift swaps and shared Christmas Cards. Kristie's was so funny... I love her quirky sense of humor.

Oh have I made friends. But I've only met just one, Jean. She lives just across the lake. Super Sweet Lady. Maybe this summer, I'll get to meet Georgie and The RedneckDiva... you never know.

Yes. Really good friends. I've been with Katy & Gina for a long time. I love you girls like you are my own. And there are countless others that have touched my heart... Susan, Kendra, and Adriane. I want that trio with me when I get into a bar fight!! Them is some fierce bitches!!

I started bloggin' under my Velvettush ID on a lark but I have gained so much... I wouldn't change it for the world.

You ask about SkyClad Dancin'??
Dancin' Nekked in the Moonlight... Tequila is Optional.

Now why do you blog?
Are you lookin' for friendship?
Do you do it to keep in touch with family on the other side of the world?
To Vent?
Do you have stories to tell... your memoirs??

Tell me.
Link up if you care to, We here in Oklahoma are open to all bloggers who want to play along.




Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Now that's a good question - why do you read blogs?! Hmmm...
Thanks for linking up again. We love having you over at the RHOK!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yep -I know what you mean sharing stories and to vent. I started out wanting to be Anon -I still don't tell everyone but, it's also nice to connect to people in real life that do know :)

Becca said...

I blog because it is a good outlet for me. I started out thinking it was cheaper than a shrink, but it has helped me to make friends that I never would have met otherwise.

And as for King Tom, my thoughts exactly.

And people like you is why I blog! You Rock!

MizAngie said...

I began blogging because several friends kept telling me "you need to write." I don't have the talent to be a book-writer, but after reading a friend's blog I figured I could do THAT. After the first "comment" or two I was hooked. With the advent of facebook, a lot of my blogger buddies have jumped ship in favor of the "hit and run" contacts. I'm a whore to the comments, and without them I'm just not inspired to write much anymore. It's a Catch-22.

Oh, and you're a heifer all right...a heifer who's all o' that!

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I started my blog when Luci was a puppy so that I'd always remember how much work it takes to raise a puppy. . . then it became a way to document all the happenings in my life. Since it's my way to vent sometimes, the family doesn't know about the blog . . .

As for why I read them, it's because of people like you, and Katy, and Miz Angie . . .ya'll rock!

Margaret said...

My blog is public. A bunch of my family knows about it, my mom reads it, and my sisters have learned what posts to not click on. Heh.

I wrote about why I do what I do at my place.


Dawn said...

It really is fun connecting with people through blogging.

Neener, Neener. I've met both Georgie and Redneck Diva. =)

Hopefully you can make it to one of our RHOK Out's sometime. It's a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. I think I may feel more comfortable than others. Hahaha! I'm sure some of them say, "That housewife is CrAzY!"

Kellyology said...

I love the blogging community. I think like everything else, some times life takes over. I fall out of it, but I always find myself coming back. There's just nothing quite like it.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

So many reasons to blog and tell...thanks for linking up this week, love the idea of "reading blogs"! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Katy said...

You've got me wondering who lost their job. . . wondering if I know them.

I blogged anonymously when I had a job, but now I have no job and my anonymity is slowly wearing away. I'm OK with that. These days my blogs are less about venting and more about sharing. The venting still happens--I just don't publish those:)