Thursday, May 06, 2010

Throw Your Hands In The Air And Say Amen!!!

All those in the Church of The Holy Nadine, Say A- Frickin’-Men!!

After what seems like a decades, I have a new dishwasher!!! I am so stoked!!

Roy bought me my first one over ten years ago. Just after EdithAnne moved out. She was pissed. It took her 45 minutes to do the supper dishes

Seriously. 45 minutes.

A job that only took 10, she managed to drag out to 45 minutes. There was gettin’ the water hot enough.

There was gettin’ the bubbles JUST RIGHT.

There was phone calls.

There was findin’ the right music.

And above all there was homework. Which took her FOR-Friggin’- EVER!!

Wash a dish.

Do a math problem.

Take a phone call.

Oops the water was cold.

More Soap.

“Oh I hate that song!”

Do a math problem.

Wash a dish.

The phone’s ringin’!

OH!! MY!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!

Even when I bought one those long cords for the phone, it still took her 45 minutes to stand there on the phone and do the dishes.

He bought it for me for Christmas. I was thrilled. I’m really a simple woman, I don’t need jewelry or furs. I have them. I’d rather pick THOSE things out for myself. But appliances, he can pick them out!

This time ‘round, I picked it out. We were walkin’ thru Lowe’s and I heard the music.

The clouds parted and the angels came down with their cute little trumpets and harps, and the light shone down upon my new dishwasher.

I gasp!! If I could have clutched to my chest like I have several pair of shoes and purses, I would have but I just hugged it. “Honey! This one is it! I heard the music!”

And sittin’ in my ratty 100yr old house is a German Engineered, Brand spankin’ new Bosch.

I Love It!


Becca said...

If that is spoiled, then what am I? LOL!

MizAngie said...

A BOSCH??? Holy shick. I'm jonesin' for one of those Bosch washer/dryer combinations. It does it all in the same machine! How crazy is that? I know it's not practical, but it just seems so fabulous.

Sherrie said...

Congrats on the new dishwasher!

Okay so I've been hunting high and low for my favourite blog. REally hard to pick just one, but the one I remember the best I suppose is the night out with the happy couple, when your Roy enjoyed watching you get a lap dance!

Katy said...

Amen! You sure know how to pick em!

Cindy said...

Dishwashers are the best!