Monday, May 24, 2010

No Big Plans…

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Oklahoma asked what my big plans are for the summer... zip! Zilch! Nada!
‘cept floatin’ the pool.
Becuz Roy and I danced around last like a couple of fiddlin' grasshoppers and we saved up the extra for my 10 Years of Being 35 Birthday Cruise.
Sooooo...We let things slide around the house.
Like not buyin' tires for the car.
Like not replacin' the dishwasher or the toaster.
Or the A/C.
So this year, aside from havin' SeasonPasses to SilverDollarCity, we are not goin' anywhere. We’re playin’ catch up. It's time to pay the fiddler!
I asked Roy if maybe next year we take a road trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone... Oh Hell No!! He was not thrilled by that idea.
He did however express interest in cruisin' on that huge cruise ship ... Radiance of the Seas or Oasis.
O! M! G!
That would so cool!!!!
What are your plans this summer?
Do you have a grand vacation planned?
Or like me, float around the pool and maybe do a weekend road trip to an amusement park?
Tell me and you can link up at the RHOK whether you're an Okie or not. We open our arms to all visitors.
And this week there Free Stuff!!!
A Tee Shirt! So link up and share your summer plans.

And Speakin' of Free Stuff... Georgie received her surprise box!!
You know the 800th Blog giveaway...

So this is it! Her very own Nana Bag!! And a $50 Gift Card to Macy's!! Now that was a surprise!!

Why make it a surprise? Once Katy told me, she never knows what I'm goin' to say or do when she come over for a visit to my blog ... So Surprise!


Dawn said...

We will be doing a lot of floatin' around the pool this summer too.

And, oh, how I long to take another cruise!!

My 12 yr. old is going with her grandparents to Yellowstone this summer. I'm kind of jealous. =)

Thanks for playing along and mentioning the t-shirt give away. I totally forgot to add that part.

Kellyology said...

I love Silver Dollar City. We haven't been in forever, but maybe when it cools off in the Fall I'll have to plan a trip. I'm a total wuss when it comes to the heat which is why I'll be spending most of my days in the pool instead. Have a great summer!

Olivia said...

Sounds like a fun summer to me! We're mostly doing the same around here!

♥Georgie♥ said...

Thank You again I LOVE my bag and GC!!!!

okay I wanna come on this cruise my hubby would NEVER suggest a cruise Iamjealous!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I haven't been to SilverDollarCity in forever-It's always fun though. And nothing beats stayin cool in the pool :) Have a fun summer!

dishinanddishes said...

Pool are a must here in Oklahoma. I don't cherish being outside with water. TOO HOT!

Cruise? <perk? Maybe

dishinanddishes said...

oops - maybe we should all go together on a cruise...

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

You know....we're practically neighbors....and my kids have outgrown swimming in the stock tank...... *grin*

This is the first year in AGES we didn't get SDC passes. I feel like I'm missing out.

Thanks for sharing!

~~Mrs. Nesbitt

Territory Mom said...

Last summer the kids used old feeding buckets for pools. I might splurge and get them a new kiddie pool or just hold the hose out for them to run through.

Beth said...

Last year was the first year in forever that we skipped the SDC Season Passes. Didn't buy them this year either. Just too crowded for me.

We're having a pay the piper summer too!

ShaRhonda said...

I haven't been to SDC since I was a little girl, but ever since I saw Undercover Boss, I want to marry that man- LOL! Thanks for linking up and WTG on the PR!!! Me likey! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Maria said...

I'd love to float around in a pool. :)

Prairiemaid said...

Sounds like you have some good plans...just not away from here plans!

I hope you enjoy everyday of summer.

Yep, I love Arbuckle Wilderness, too and Turner Falls!


Tracie said...

Let's see summer plans - softball tournament, softball tournament, softball tournament, soccer tournament, soccer tournament, softball tournament, exhaustion collaspe. in that order

Baloney said...

That sounds like my summer last year!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Take a cruise to NYC! : )

Katy said...

They just keep coming!

This summer I am going to the beach. With Charlie. We'll see if it's going to be awesome of awful.