Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grand Frickin' Central At The Hightower...

Yes it was!
Over the weekend, we had more company than a person could shake a stick at!!
That's not normal.
Saturday evenin' Rowdy and Jess came over. She was upset that one of her students was in the hospital and needed to be "away". Away was my house. I made her margaritas and we laughed while the men watched boxin'.

Roy was not amused. He tolerated it. He's not as enthralled with Jess as I am.

Sunday afternoon, RoyJr showed up for a visit. He's growin' up to be quite a man with a lot of his dad's qualities but he's "out there" is the best way to put it.
Roy is the epitomy of law enforcement.
RoyJr is that person that hates Government.
Roy joined the MarineCorps during a war, he was not drafted.
RoyJr would go to Canada to avoid being drafted... I'm not sure why he thinks we still have "The Draft". We'll chalk it up to being sheltered and uneducated.
I don't get involved with the visits, I sit and listen. We are not close... I never tried to be his mother. That's not my job. I have been there when I was needed to help him thru certain things, but we're not close.
I was not thrilled to learn he has skinheadtendencies and his sister refuses to growup and raise her boys right. Well neither was Roy but he loved to visit with his son.

Sunday evenin' Eddie and Loretta showed up with the kids becuz they had no power.
IT WAS SURVIVOR NIGHT! People you don't fuck with SurvivorNight!
Neither of us were thrilled!!!
Roy set the VCR... yep we still have one. So we have Survivor taped... whew!

They rolled in at 7:00.
7:10 I offer the grown ups a tasty beverage... no booze. I not wastin' my tequila! Neither one answered me with either a "Yes Please" or "A No Thank You." But HappyBaby perked right up with an "I DO!"
At 7:15 The HappyBaby is buggin' the HolyShit outta Roy wantin' candy! While the parents of the child ignore the whole scene. It was gettin' on my nerves.
At 7:17 The HappyBaby decided that she needed the protection of her mom.
At 7:45 Loretta was bored. She wanted to leave. She had better things to do than sit and watch Survivor.
Eddie said, "What? I couldn't get you up to do anything earlier today and now you want to go do something?"

Let that soak in.

She wanted to leave. Not him. Her!
Roy looked at me like "what the hell?" and I looked at, "no fuckin' idea!"

By 8:15 I had had enough of HappyBaby and Loretta's attitude that when I received the severe weather alert I didn't hesistate to tell Eddie. Eddie's a freak about storms. I figured he'd have to run for his storm shelter takin' his family with him. But no.
He asked Loretta to ask me if she could look up the weather maps on my PC.

Let that soak in.

He asked her to ask me.
He's sittin' less than 6 feet from me.

I may be shallow. I may be petty. But I'm not an Ass. I gave her my laptop and she looked up the weather map to see where the storm was... to the north and no where near us. Damn it!!

Then for the next 45 minutes Eddie sat with my laptop watchin' it like it was a TV gettin' his nastyass goat smellin' hand all over it. I have had flys buggin' the shit outta me as I type this out becuz they are attracted to the smell of it!!

They left at 9:10.

During the commercials I said to Roy, "let's talk about our weekend vistors, the couples. What is wrong with them?"
And he told me didn't care for Jess becuz she's loud... okay. I understand that. But neither of them have been anything but nice to both of us.
And I said, "Do you see that Loretta has a problem with being here?" And he did, which he can't understand why she's actin' that way. She acted that way durin' football season too. But things were said that lead me to believe TheWholeHappyFamily will be usin' my swimmin' pool.

I continued, "Eddie has insulted me and I have to tolerate him?"

And he said, "no and I not thrilled about that either. I see no reason for you two not to able to go shoppin'. That's just ridiculous."

The HappyKids have already been in the pool once this year.


Tracie said...

You may have to tell them that you "accidentally" treated the pool with too many chemicals and it's not safe for the kids to swim the next time.

Billie said...

I am getting the same weird vibe from them that I am getting from Eduardo.

You aren't good enough for whatever until they decide they need something and suddenly you are?

Eduardo is off to move in with Kelly but then makes comments about coming back here to go swimming and I am thinking... hmmm... wouldn't that depend on me?

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I totally second Tracie's comment. That excuse should work perfectly. Eddie and Loretta...how do you do it.

Vickie said...

Hi Nadine,
I wanted to stop by and comment on your blog. I didn't win the prize you offered for the 800th post, but feel like I found a treasure everytime I visit.
After the way Loretta has been treating you, I would have no problem asking what her problem is. I'm sure if it keeps up we will be hearing about it. Peace

Katy said...

Um, yeah, what Tracie said--can't act normal? Can't swim in the pool.