Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fan Favorites… Again.

Check them out... Please read.

These ladies have picked some good ones.

JQ Brat: Office Fish …damn thing!

And this goes with it… Fishy Fishy In The Bowl.

Brenda’s favorite: Aaaahh…Uuuhhmmm…. a delicate problem.

Vickie’s faves: Hunting with Roy... Time For My Close-Up MzDeMille!

So I can make fun of him later.
Get Your Game Face On... Becuz I'm girly!!
You're Never Goin' Again! Thank Goodness!!!

Margaret’s Faves are the one from the gym. I picked this one: Clerks, GymHo’s And Wives.

And do not forget to tell which is your favorite for the Suprize Box 800 Giveaway!

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Dawn said...

Have you ever considered writing a book? You should!