Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beauty Shop Of Horrors...

It was time to do my roots.
And if you remember those five horrible days that I was a brunette, you know that my BikerChick Hairdresser had lost the her desire for the art of hairstyling. So I had to look for another hairstylist with the passion to do hair... especially mine.
I am a freak about my hair. Totally Freak.
I made an appointment with a woman that I had met thru Facebook. I've been very lucky with the friends I've met in BlogLand so I never gave it a second thought about lettin' a woman I met on FB that had many people sayin' what a good person she was and how good she was at doin' hair.
And then I told Roy.
 He's not a open as I am. His law enforcement days has jaded him. He doesn't welcome new people as I do. As social as I am, he is on the other end of the spectrum and is anti-social... the lone wolf.
But his skepticism made me rethink the lady... so I goggled her address.
And she has a sexual predators livin' in the same address.

Surely, she knows that havin' that kinda person in her house where her beauty shop is IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!!
I know that's not fair to her but still...
Holy shit!!! I CANCELLED!!!!!

So I went with a shop on main street that I have seen for years... one that Roy was familiar with and he was happy.

When I was a little girl, I hated when my mother washed my hair... HATED IT!!
It was painful. She scratched my head so hard I thought I was gonna bleed all over my clean hair!! Even at 3 I was a freak about my hair!
I pitched a hissy fit about it.
I cried to Daddy.
Momma started takin' me to her hairstylist and let her wash my hair.
Oh I love that. You know it's Heaven when you fall asleep gettin' your hair fixed.
But my Momma couldn't let me be happy, so She tricked me!
She told me she would wash my hair with Candy. Suave Shampoop!!
I was 3and that would so cool!
She was more gentle with my scalp but my hair ties itself in knots when washed. Creme Rinse is needed. When Momma didn't use it, it took her forever to get my hair combed out. And it was painful!
I cried to Daddy.
Momma bought Suave Candy Creme Rinse!!!
She had my hair cut short when I was 4 1/2.
I cried to Daddy.
And it was not cut again.
I did the dance of joy when Johnson & Johnson came out with that No More Tangles stuff.

So here I am 41 years later sittin' in the chair to have my roots done and it feels like my Momma doin' my hair!!! I had to close my eyes to keep the tears in!!

 And there was no Candy Shampoop or Candy Creme Rinse!!!!

The ladies that frequent this salon seems to be religious in nature. There were plenty of ladies all comin' and goin' and everyone was so friendly. It was very obvious to me they all went to the same Church. There was Church music playin' from one of the modern Christian stations. And just about every 5 minutes one hairstylist says to the other, "Send a Prayer Up, Sister!" 
Well let me tell you, Send A Prayer Up Sister that I have thick Hair! Becuz after havin' it combed out without Candy Creme Rinse I was grateful that I had hair left!!

My scalp still hurts!    

And it is so worth it!!
 I was honked at!!
And another Camaro driver growled at me!!! 

I can't wait to go back!!
I'm so vain.


Kellyology said...

My husband gets all weird about the internet friend thing too. And then I call him an old man, and that usually shuts him down.

I love going to the hairdresser's myself. Though my head is not remotely sensitive. My daughter's is though, and she now has short hair. There's nothing her Daddy can do about it.

MizAngie said...

I'm a freak about my hair, too. My hairdresser knows to only trim whatever amount I say or I spazz.

Did your mom ever put your hair in a ponytail pulled so tightly you looked Chinese? And if I cried I got popped in the head with the plastic comb. OUCH! Or she'd yank the ponytail and say, "Oh, hush up!"

♥Georgie♥ said...

yep my hubster is just like roy...men geesh =)

I am lovin that you got honked and growled at...now i will be singing carly simons your so vain all day lol