Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aging, Facebook, and Denial… Part 2

It’s not really about adding pounds. It’s about aging. Sure they go hand in hand but not like this. I thought men aged gracefully.
I wish I could show you the photos.

Picture this.
The PromKing. He’s tall, beautifully tanned, blonde thick hair… solid farm boy muscle. You know how I like that.  A BradPitt from Troy type… so gorgeous it hurts to look him in the eye but you do becuz you’re mesmerized by his beauty.
Is that firmly fixed in your brain?

Now, picture this.

Val Kilmer. ‘nuff said.
What The Hell??
Remember when he was cute?
Top Gun?
He Was Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

And now… not so much.

Well the boys that were the PromKings that I knew, grew up to be… old. Some look like WilfordBrimley Old. They don’t look a thing like themselves. Why?

Not all of them lost it… some still have their chiseled features and are still so rock solid that it makes you say, “Damn! Why didn’t I throw a leg over that back in high school!?”

Oh yeah, they treated me like their baby sister… And still do.

And my vanity knows no bounds… Do I look old to them?

Shit! Don’t answer that.


Territory Mom said...

OMG you are so funny.

Katy said...

Some age better than others. . .

MizAngie said...

Throw a leg over 'em? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious.

The aging process is so weird. And I can never tell where I am on the spectrum. Am I part of the group that looks much older than my actual age, or younger? Ugh.