Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Do You Blog???

I've asked this same question several times over the past 5 years. But the ladies at RHOK have asked the question in effort to get to know the readers.

I blog to tell stories and to vent. Maybe one day I can open my blog up to my family and close friends but for now this is my little hidey-hole from them.
And There Are Days When I Wanna Tell Them, "I'm Sick of All Ya'll" and Run Away to North Dakota.
Mom said, "you told us that already."
And I did too!!
But I only made to northeastern Oklahoma... another story for another day.

Over the past 5 years, I noticed that people come and go. They either get bored with it or lose internet access becuz of job loss or something. Some have lost their jobs over blogging.
Blog Anomously!!
I can not stress that point enough. I know you want all your hard work and wit to be noticed but not at the loss of income. Lost a good bloggin' buddy that way. I miss him.

Things happen in Real Life that takes a person from BlogWorld... some good, some bad. I miss those gals too.

And then there was King Tom. Still brings me to tears... Gone but not forgotten.

You see I form attachments to my readers and to those blogs that I read. An invisible bond that I rely on to cheer me up thru the hard times.
And you all have done a great job at that! When I was nominated for Okie Blog Awards, I cried!! Somebody likes me!!
Roy was like, "people read that."
Yep they do.

And you keep me grounded, if MizAngie doesn't call me an old heifer every now and then I might just get the big head thinkin' I'm All That!!

I mean I am.

All That.

But still...

I have learned from those blogs I read. I gain a little insight into other worlds thru your lives. Oh the place you take me and the things I've learned. SkyClad Dancin' for one and that HuskerGirls Rock for another. You know that at one time Nebraska was the EVIL EMPIRE to us Okies.
We've had gift swaps and shared Christmas Cards. Kristie's was so funny... I love her quirky sense of humor.

Oh have I made friends. But I've only met just one, Jean. She lives just across the lake. Super Sweet Lady. Maybe this summer, I'll get to meet Georgie and The RedneckDiva... you never know.

Yes. Really good friends. I've been with Katy & Gina for a long time. I love you girls like you are my own. And there are countless others that have touched my heart... Susan, Kendra, and Adriane. I want that trio with me when I get into a bar fight!! Them is some fierce bitches!!

I started bloggin' under my Velvettush ID on a lark but I have gained so much... I wouldn't change it for the world.

You ask about SkyClad Dancin'??
Dancin' Nekked in the Moonlight... Tequila is Optional.

Now why do you blog?
Are you lookin' for friendship?
Do you do it to keep in touch with family on the other side of the world?
To Vent?
Do you have stories to tell... your memoirs??

Tell me.
Link up if you care to, We here in Oklahoma are open to all bloggers who want to play along.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aging, Facebook, and Denial… Part 2

It’s not really about adding pounds. It’s about aging. Sure they go hand in hand but not like this. I thought men aged gracefully.
I wish I could show you the photos.

Picture this.
The PromKing. He’s tall, beautifully tanned, blonde thick hair… solid farm boy muscle. You know how I like that.  A BradPitt from Troy type… so gorgeous it hurts to look him in the eye but you do becuz you’re mesmerized by his beauty.
Is that firmly fixed in your brain?

Now, picture this.

Val Kilmer. ‘nuff said.
What The Hell??
Remember when he was cute?
Top Gun?
He Was Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

And now… not so much.

Well the boys that were the PromKings that I knew, grew up to be… old. Some look like WilfordBrimley Old. They don’t look a thing like themselves. Why?

Not all of them lost it… some still have their chiseled features and are still so rock solid that it makes you say, “Damn! Why didn’t I throw a leg over that back in high school!?”

Oh yeah, they treated me like their baby sister… And still do.

And my vanity knows no bounds… Do I look old to them?

Shit! Don’t answer that.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grand Frickin' Central At The Hightower...

Yes it was!
Over the weekend, we had more company than a person could shake a stick at!!
That's not normal.
Saturday evenin' Rowdy and Jess came over. She was upset that one of her students was in the hospital and needed to be "away". Away was my house. I made her margaritas and we laughed while the men watched boxin'.

Roy was not amused. He tolerated it. He's not as enthralled with Jess as I am.

Sunday afternoon, RoyJr showed up for a visit. He's growin' up to be quite a man with a lot of his dad's qualities but he's "out there" is the best way to put it.
Roy is the epitomy of law enforcement.
RoyJr is that person that hates Government.
Roy joined the MarineCorps during a war, he was not drafted.
RoyJr would go to Canada to avoid being drafted... I'm not sure why he thinks we still have "The Draft". We'll chalk it up to being sheltered and uneducated.
I don't get involved with the visits, I sit and listen. We are not close... I never tried to be his mother. That's not my job. I have been there when I was needed to help him thru certain things, but we're not close.
I was not thrilled to learn he has skinheadtendencies and his sister refuses to growup and raise her boys right. Well neither was Roy but he loved to visit with his son.

Sunday evenin' Eddie and Loretta showed up with the kids becuz they had no power.
IT WAS SURVIVOR NIGHT! People you don't fuck with SurvivorNight!
Neither of us were thrilled!!!
Roy set the VCR... yep we still have one. So we have Survivor taped... whew!

They rolled in at 7:00.
7:10 I offer the grown ups a tasty beverage... no booze. I not wastin' my tequila! Neither one answered me with either a "Yes Please" or "A No Thank You." But HappyBaby perked right up with an "I DO!"
At 7:15 The HappyBaby is buggin' the HolyShit outta Roy wantin' candy! While the parents of the child ignore the whole scene. It was gettin' on my nerves.
At 7:17 The HappyBaby decided that she needed the protection of her mom.
At 7:45 Loretta was bored. She wanted to leave. She had better things to do than sit and watch Survivor.
Eddie said, "What? I couldn't get you up to do anything earlier today and now you want to go do something?"

Let that soak in.

She wanted to leave. Not him. Her!
Roy looked at me like "what the hell?" and I looked at, "no fuckin' idea!"

By 8:15 I had had enough of HappyBaby and Loretta's attitude that when I received the severe weather alert I didn't hesistate to tell Eddie. Eddie's a freak about storms. I figured he'd have to run for his storm shelter takin' his family with him. But no.
He asked Loretta to ask me if she could look up the weather maps on my PC.

Let that soak in.

He asked her to ask me.
He's sittin' less than 6 feet from me.

I may be shallow. I may be petty. But I'm not an Ass. I gave her my laptop and she looked up the weather map to see where the storm was... to the north and no where near us. Damn it!!

Then for the next 45 minutes Eddie sat with my laptop watchin' it like it was a TV gettin' his nastyass goat smellin' hand all over it. I have had flys buggin' the shit outta me as I type this out becuz they are attracted to the smell of it!!

They left at 9:10.

During the commercials I said to Roy, "let's talk about our weekend vistors, the couples. What is wrong with them?"
And he told me didn't care for Jess becuz she's loud... okay. I understand that. But neither of them have been anything but nice to both of us.
And I said, "Do you see that Loretta has a problem with being here?" And he did, which he can't understand why she's actin' that way. She acted that way durin' football season too. But things were said that lead me to believe TheWholeHappyFamily will be usin' my swimmin' pool.

I continued, "Eddie has insulted me and I have to tolerate him?"

And he said, "no and I not thrilled about that either. I see no reason for you two not to able to go shoppin'. That's just ridiculous."

The HappyKids have already been in the pool once this year.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Big Plans…

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Oklahoma asked what my big plans are for the summer... zip! Zilch! Nada!
‘cept floatin’ the pool.
Becuz Roy and I danced around last like a couple of fiddlin' grasshoppers and we saved up the extra for my 10 Years of Being 35 Birthday Cruise.
Sooooo...We let things slide around the house.
Like not buyin' tires for the car.
Like not replacin' the dishwasher or the toaster.
Or the A/C.
So this year, aside from havin' SeasonPasses to SilverDollarCity, we are not goin' anywhere. We’re playin’ catch up. It's time to pay the fiddler!
I asked Roy if maybe next year we take a road trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone... Oh Hell No!! He was not thrilled by that idea.
He did however express interest in cruisin' on that huge cruise ship ... Radiance of the Seas or Oasis.
O! M! G!
That would so cool!!!!
What are your plans this summer?
Do you have a grand vacation planned?
Or like me, float around the pool and maybe do a weekend road trip to an amusement park?
Tell me and you can link up at the RHOK whether you're an Okie or not. We open our arms to all visitors.
And this week there Free Stuff!!!
A Tee Shirt! So link up and share your summer plans.

And Speakin' of Free Stuff... Georgie received her surprise box!!
You know the 800th Blog giveaway...

So this is it! Her very own Nana Bag!! And a $50 Gift Card to Macy's!! Now that was a surprise!!

Why make it a surprise? Once Katy told me, she never knows what I'm goin' to say or do when she come over for a visit to my blog ... So Surprise!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well By George!!

IMG_2779 Actually, That’s Jax. George is sleepin’. I just like the look on his face. It’s like “I’m so above all this.”

But he was there… IMG_2785 This is THE hat. The One that I’ll pull the name from… yeah I know I said Roy would but he’s busy with “schoolin’”. So you get me and Jax.

All the names of all those that played along. IMG_278617! Woo Hoo!!!IMG_2787 All folded up neato and fair… are you excited yet?? IMG_2790 TaDa!! That says Georgie!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I’ll email you!

Thanks for playin’.

Thanks for the support.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Most Wanted…

So Far This is who I have on the list for the Surprise Box Giveaway for Blog Post 800…
M &Company

If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry.
I’m blonde.
Leave me a comment sayin’ you like to participate in the Surprise Giveaway!
I'm so excited!
And Just Can't Hide It!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beauty Shop Of Horrors...

It was time to do my roots.
And if you remember those five horrible days that I was a brunette, you know that my BikerChick Hairdresser had lost the her desire for the art of hairstyling. So I had to look for another hairstylist with the passion to do hair... especially mine.
I am a freak about my hair. Totally Freak.
I made an appointment with a woman that I had met thru Facebook. I've been very lucky with the friends I've met in BlogLand so I never gave it a second thought about lettin' a woman I met on FB that had many people sayin' what a good person she was and how good she was at doin' hair.
And then I told Roy.
 He's not a open as I am. His law enforcement days has jaded him. He doesn't welcome new people as I do. As social as I am, he is on the other end of the spectrum and is anti-social... the lone wolf.
But his skepticism made me rethink the lady... so I goggled her address.
And she has a sexual predators livin' in the same address.

Surely, she knows that havin' that kinda person in her house where her beauty shop is IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!!
I know that's not fair to her but still...
Holy shit!!! I CANCELLED!!!!!

So I went with a shop on main street that I have seen for years... one that Roy was familiar with and he was happy.

When I was a little girl, I hated when my mother washed my hair... HATED IT!!
It was painful. She scratched my head so hard I thought I was gonna bleed all over my clean hair!! Even at 3 I was a freak about my hair!
I pitched a hissy fit about it.
I cried to Daddy.
Momma started takin' me to her hairstylist and let her wash my hair.
Oh I love that. You know it's Heaven when you fall asleep gettin' your hair fixed.
But my Momma couldn't let me be happy, so She tricked me!
She told me she would wash my hair with Candy. Suave Shampoop!!
I was 3and that would so cool!
She was more gentle with my scalp but my hair ties itself in knots when washed. Creme Rinse is needed. When Momma didn't use it, it took her forever to get my hair combed out. And it was painful!
I cried to Daddy.
Momma bought Suave Candy Creme Rinse!!!
She had my hair cut short when I was 4 1/2.
I cried to Daddy.
And it was not cut again.
I did the dance of joy when Johnson & Johnson came out with that No More Tangles stuff.

So here I am 41 years later sittin' in the chair to have my roots done and it feels like my Momma doin' my hair!!! I had to close my eyes to keep the tears in!!

 And there was no Candy Shampoop or Candy Creme Rinse!!!!

The ladies that frequent this salon seems to be religious in nature. There were plenty of ladies all comin' and goin' and everyone was so friendly. It was very obvious to me they all went to the same Church. There was Church music playin' from one of the modern Christian stations. And just about every 5 minutes one hairstylist says to the other, "Send a Prayer Up, Sister!" 
Well let me tell you, Send A Prayer Up Sister that I have thick Hair! Becuz after havin' it combed out without Candy Creme Rinse I was grateful that I had hair left!!

My scalp still hurts!    

And it is so worth it!!
 I was honked at!!
And another Camaro driver growled at me!!! 

I can't wait to go back!!
I'm so vain.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This One’s EASY PEASY!!

Look into the future. You've spent your life taking care of everyone else, but now the kids are gone and it's just you and your spouse. What do you do now? RHOKBUTTON-2

Ladies, let me tell you… That is how I live now!
Every day is Christmas.
We travel when we want.
We go out to eat when we want.
We come and go without a worry.
No set bed times.
No set alarms… Period.
We can watch porn.
Wooo Hooo!!!
Everyone can do the link up… we ladies of Oklahoma are a friendly bunch.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Number 800!!!

Dearly Beloved We are gathered here today at the Church of the Holy Nadine to pay homage to All Things Nadine Hightower.

Whatta Ride! Thanks for comin’ along!
I started all this on a lark on MSN to vent about my job, my in laws, Roy, and my life. There’s a lot to vent about. I lurked a lot of blogs on MSN and slowly began to comment and those people would come to visit me.
Wow! I needed to step up my game. Go full on Nadine. Build it and they will come.
And they did.
What an Ego Boost! It was awesome… Naturally Awesome Power!!
But the constant unwarranted updates that MSN did was such a bitch. And only those with an MSN  account could respond. I wanted more, to broaden my horizons. So I moved my dog and pony show to Blogspot… and have been thoroughly thrilled with it!!
And best of all my loyal and royal came with me!
Even some of the lurkers came with me… I love my lurkers. I understand you. I wouldn’t have had 10,000 hits on MSN without you.
Thank you all so much for being with me… for being my friends. For being with me thru the venting crap of my job, for crying with me thru the hardship of losing a family member, and for laughing with me thru all the bullshit I do being a dumbass Okie chick.
Click the links of these choices from my peeps. 
Gina’s favorite: Cats, Pregnancy, and Scars… and Daddys, Daughters, and Conveyor Belts… Georgie’s Faves too.
Georgie’s favorite: 3 Things Said To Me As A Brunette… That was THE worst 5days of my life!!  At least in the top 10… or 20.
Sherrie’s Favorite:  Girlfriends, Wives, and Strippers… a night I’ll never forget… and neither will Roy.
Lin's favorite: I'll Fight For You... Becuz I'm Betty BadAss. 

Dawn, Gena and Territory Mom's favorite: 3Things I Taught EarlLee ... That Boy Ain't Right!
These are My Favorites:
New Age Asshole ... I sent a revised copy of this to family, and my sister, RubyJune said, "you need to go to Church!"
And this one from work... Ever Have One Of Those Days?  Momma said there'd be days like this!
And now as we draw to a close, shall we all lift our drinks. Here’s to another 800! Oh What Adventures will we find…
Never be afraid to comment… I thrive on them. Don’t forget to tell me which blog was your favorite… The Surprise Box 800 is just about ready to go!
Love You!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fan Favorites… Again.

Check them out... Please read.

These ladies have picked some good ones.

JQ Brat: Office Fish …damn thing!

And this goes with it… Fishy Fishy In The Bowl.

Brenda’s favorite: Aaaahh…Uuuhhmmm…. a delicate problem.

Vickie’s faves: Hunting with Roy... Time For My Close-Up MzDeMille!

So I can make fun of him later.
Get Your Game Face On... Becuz I'm girly!!
You're Never Goin' Again! Thank Goodness!!!

Margaret’s Faves are the one from the gym. I picked this one: Clerks, GymHo’s And Wives.

And do not forget to tell which is your favorite for the Suprize Box 800 Giveaway!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting To Know Me...

Gettin' to know all about me.
And I want to get to all about you, too.
So Play Along If You Care...It's as easy as ABC!
Do Re Mi
Baby it's you and me!

The McLinky Monday for The Real Housewives of Oklahoma is a ABC Meme.
So sit back with your cup of coffee... enjoy.

A - Age: Perpetually 35... though 45.

B - Bed size: King... I need all the room I can get! Woo Hoo!

C - Chore you hate: Washing Dishes... that's why I had kids! And now a new dishwasher... still loving it.

D - Dog(s') name: Trixie the WonderDog and Ralph Lauren Hightower... The day Ralph came to live with us.

E - Essential start your day item: Making myself get up all together.

F - Favorite color: Red!!

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Gold. And in a pinch if you twist my arm I'll take Platinum...with diamonds set in it.

H - Height: 4 foot 11 1/2 inches tall.

I - Instruments you play(ed): piano... self taught. Old McDonald's!! and that's it.

J - Job title: CEO of Lolling About and JackShit.

K - Kid(s): 2 Girls EdithAnne and EudoraMae both are grown with kids of their own.

L - Living arrangements: With the Love Of My Life, Roy Hightower, our home of 15 years that is PAID OFF. Woo Hoo!!!

M - Mom's name: Peggy

N - Nicknames: "Nadine","Babe", and my favorite, that Roy uses when he is in BigTime Trouble, "sugar plum".

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I haven't stayed overnight since giving birth.

P - Pet Peeve: That person or persons that gets water all over the floor in the locker room at the gym! They provide towels!! And yet it looks like 6 kids and a water buffalo ran around in there!!

Q - Quote from a movie/show: "You tell 'em I'm coming! And Hell's coming with me! You hear me, Hell's coming with me!" -Wyatt Earp, Tombstone

R - Right handed or left handed: Right handed... but have 2 left feet. snort snicker, I crack myself up.
Secret... I know a man that is lefthanded, and becuz he's an ass, he tries to make his kids left handed. Seriously. Isn't that warped?

S - Siblings: One bubba and one sister.

T - Time you wake up: Anywhere from 8am to 9:30am

U- Underwear: I love thongs and boy shorts. When I ride a motorcycle, I prefer the thong. Panties just bunch up and go to the center anyway so why not a thong. But everyday wear and tear boyshorts. I haven't bought panties from anywhere other than VS in years so I don't know how other boyshorts wear but cotton boyshorts from VS ride well.

V - Vegetable you dislike: brussel sprouts becuz I can't figure out how to get the bitter out. I figured out turnips. But added sugar to brussel sprouts doesn't work. I wonder if I cut them in half...hhhmmm...

W - Why you run late: Foreign concept to me... the only late I know is Late Period.

X - X-rays you've had: My Back, When it went out from liftin' that hugeass Mastiff.

Y - Yummy food you make: Margaritas and Guacamole... get ready girls, when the pool is open so is the bar!!

Z - Zoo favorite: Otters and the goats in the pettin' zoo.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not Everyone Is Thrilled!

About the new dishwasher...

A week later, he's still uneasy about it.

George will eat a little and look over his shoulder at it, and eat some more.

Then look at it again.

He doesn't trust it.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Aging, Facebook, and Denial…

I was goin’ thru FakeBook, checkin’ out all the hot guys from High School… and I have to say, “Dude! You got Freakin’ Old!!

I’m still dancin’ nekked in the rain and turnin’ friggin’ Cartwheels! What the Hell Happen to them?

Did they give up?

Or am I in denial?

Do you feel that way? Like you are still the same and EVERYONE ELSE is old.

Do Not Forget to leave a Comment!!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Fan Favorites...

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have been on 5 cruises... WE LOVE TO CRUISE!!

And naturally, I've blogged about them. A few of my longtime readers have commented that they enjoyed blogs about cruisin' and I would like share them with you.

Jean picked Alaska when we went with the retired cops group. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Billie picked Hawaii when we went with my in laws, Queen Victoria and RoySr. There is a section just for Hawaii.  You'll have start at the bottom and work your way up. It's long.

Becca picked The Ick Factor... My 10years of being 35 Birthday Cruise.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Throw Your Hands In The Air And Say Amen!!!

All those in the Church of The Holy Nadine, Say A- Frickin’-Men!!

After what seems like a decades, I have a new dishwasher!!! I am so stoked!!

Roy bought me my first one over ten years ago. Just after EdithAnne moved out. She was pissed. It took her 45 minutes to do the supper dishes

Seriously. 45 minutes.

A job that only took 10, she managed to drag out to 45 minutes. There was gettin’ the water hot enough.

There was gettin’ the bubbles JUST RIGHT.

There was phone calls.

There was findin’ the right music.

And above all there was homework. Which took her FOR-Friggin’- EVER!!

Wash a dish.

Do a math problem.

Take a phone call.

Oops the water was cold.

More Soap.

“Oh I hate that song!”

Do a math problem.

Wash a dish.

The phone’s ringin’!

OH!! MY!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!

Even when I bought one those long cords for the phone, it still took her 45 minutes to stand there on the phone and do the dishes.

He bought it for me for Christmas. I was thrilled. I’m really a simple woman, I don’t need jewelry or furs. I have them. I’d rather pick THOSE things out for myself. But appliances, he can pick them out!

This time ‘round, I picked it out. We were walkin’ thru Lowe’s and I heard the music.

The clouds parted and the angels came down with their cute little trumpets and harps, and the light shone down upon my new dishwasher.

I gasp!! If I could have clutched to my chest like I have several pair of shoes and purses, I would have but I just hugged it. “Honey! This one is it! I heard the music!”

And sittin’ in my ratty 100yr old house is a German Engineered, Brand spankin’ new Bosch.

I Love It!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Like Mother, Like Son…

The prerequisite cow photos from Oklahoma.

IMG_2745 The mother.

IMG_2746 The son!

Guess you could say I scared the pee-water outta ‘em.

Do you think they’ve heard of my rough Reputation??

Posting cow photos seems to work for other bloggers from This Great State!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Identity Crisis, Friendships, And Tombstone...

"Darlin', We need to redefine the nature of our relationship." Doc Holiday... Tombstone

We love that movie. Roy can quote it line by line. So I said to him, "Darlin', we..."
He had his back to me, diggin' around in the fridge, he stopped and stood up. "We Cross?"

Which is another line.

"No, you and I are fine. I was meanin' Eddie and Loretta. We need to redefine the relationship becuz I'm still pissed off."

He grinned.
"Are you sure you're not takin' this all the wrong way?"

What? The? Hell?
Did he not see the tear falls? Big sobs!

"You weren't there so you don't know."

"You're the AntiChrist!"

Another line.

What I am is outspoken at times, loyal to a fault, love to have fun, and most of all I don't take shit from anyone.

I know what I saw.
I know how I feel.
And he can just Kiss my Ass!!

Be sure leave a comment tellin' me what was your favorite blog entry!!! The list is growing... do not miss out.

Tammy S, Thank you so much for stoppin' in and leavin' a comment.
I will add to the Giveaway.
Email me. I don't bite... unless you want me to... that's your call.

Monday, May 03, 2010

How Did He Propose???

It was sweet.
I will never forget it.
I loved him so much.
He was so beautiful.
When he sat next to me, it just made my heart all a flutter.
I knew that he loved me just as much.
We had picked out our furniture.
We would be together forever.
He had told his parents our plans.
He would be a horse rancher and I his devoted wife.
I didn't tell my Daddy.
I didn't think he would approve.
After all, I was Daddy's little girl.
He held my hand was we sat together in Church.
In between songs and passin' of the collection plate, He asked if I would marry him.

Of course I said yes!
I loved him so much I would have run to front of the Church right then!!

That's what any 4 year old would do... but I didn't.
Daddy wouldn't have approved.
My Granny referred to him as "the little rooster."
I was older than him by 16 days... I'm destine to be a Cougar.
I will embrace my fate.
That beautiful little boy...
He was my first love.
He was my first kiss.
Well, Hell! He was my first EVERYTHING!!
We called off our wedding when we were 13.
He was so beautiful...but was he ever a player!

I haven't seen him in over 25 years.
He is a horse rancher.
I often wonder if he is still beautiful.
Or did he lose all his hair like his daddy?

This for RHOK and McLinky Monday... Join In.

Be sure to particapate in the 800 blog post giveaway!
Just leave a comment tellin' me what's your favorite blog entry!!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Am So Excited!!

I know exactly what I want to be the prize for the 800th blog entry!!
But It's a surprise!!

A Surprise Box!!

And to get the box all you have to do is leave me a comment telling which one is your favorite blog post!

You have time... at the rate I'm goin', it looks like maybe 2 weeks.

8 entries so far... Don't be shy!!

Woo Hoo!!!