Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I Don't Do Home Improvements...

While I'm waitin' around for every one to "decide" what they're trip to Branson yet...
I decided to paint the kitchen floor. A simple thing.
Seein's how we can't decide on a floor coverin'....or rather AGREE on it. It's just plywood.
Remember when I fell thru the floor... and Roy fixed it. Well, it's been bare ever since.
And it has stains all over it. It looks gross!!
So I decided to take the bull by the horns and paint it!
I don't think Roy thought I'd go thru with it.
So he's stayed pretty much outta the way.
He's let me pick the color and everything!!
It's my house... he should!
He has one room in the house that has his stuff in it...and he shares it with the washer and dryer. But it's where all his tools, deer antlers, and all his manshit stays.
The rest of the house is mine.
I haven't gone all MarthaStewart and Shit but it's mine.

I picked out Toasted Coconut.
I did a test spot.
And liked it.
Easy Peasy!

And then I got all NadineHightower and Shit.
I poked a hole in the cheapass paint tray.
I accidently painted the baseboard.
I smeared the shit outta the paint on the baseboard when I attempted to wipe it off.
I had paint on my hands from wipin' the baseboard becuz cheapass paper towels are not absorbant... at all.

I wanted to do it small sections becuz of the cats...
I needed to cook Roy some breakfast...
I didn't want to paint too much and have the whole kitchen wet...

But what happened was I dropped the paint.

So I HAD to paint WAY more than I wanted...
I couldn't get to sink to wash the brush or the roller...
I couldn't get to the stove to cook Roy breakfast...
And WORST OF ALL... I couldn't get to the coffee pot!!!!
And it took forever... FOOOR-EEEVVVVERRRRRR to dry.

Other than that it was goin' well.
The problem. They didn't really care for the smell. They came in and made sure I didn't have food and left me alone.
I'm gonna need a gallon to finish the job.
And get Roy involved... he's the muscle to move the heavy stuff.
Or if the weekend's purty, I'll just go to SilverDollarCity!


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Painting's a great idea until you come up with something else (pretty color). Actually I saw a decorator actually do a painted wood staircase once. It really suited the style of the house. Good luck finishing.

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

MizAngie said...

I painted my living room floor after my handyman told me it couldn't take another sanding to refinish the hardwood. It looked okay for awhile. However, I DO have tiny cat footprints where Rudy walked along the wall to get to her favorite "sunning and watching the neighborhood" window. Now Rudy is in heaven, my floor needs redone, but I don't want to cover her tiny pawprints!!!