Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Ya'll From???

The gals over at RHOK... Real Housewives of Oklahoma have a linkup thingy on Mondays. I thought I would play along this week. Maybe I'll gain some more friends.
You know Me!
The More The Merrier!!
But of course I can't get the link thingy in my post so It'll have to be to the side... Geez!!!

The Subject this week is "Where I come from?"
Well that's a loaded question if I ever heard one!
Becuz where I come from we all greet family, friends, and close acquaintance's with a hug!
But you cross me...well you'd just better keep on a movin'!
Just ask Bub's wife...Dumb Bitch!!
If the shoes fits...she should just keep on walkin' in it too!!

I don't think that's what the Ladies have in mind.
But more likely my hometown. I come from Oologah. Once, I lived on CooWeeScooWee Avenewy! Which is a wonderful place filled with more family than you can shake a stick at! There was a time when I was related to half the county!!
Will Roger's birthplace is there. The Corps of Engineers had to move the house when they built the dam and made the lake. I'm floored sometimes that people have no idea who Will Rogers is...I was rasied on his history. He's the one that coined the phrase, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute." I've heard it said for all states and "someone once said", But I Know.
He also said, "I've never met a man I didn't like."
I like that motto....but then again, he's never met EarlLee or Stupid Eddie!!
I couldn't tell you who Missouri's Favorite Son I guess I understand.
The lake area is beautiful!! I have spent a lot of time in that lake as a child. We had a boat and all the cousins would come and camp and ski....What a great way to grow up!! I watched the adults most of the first summer ski and crash. It looked painful! All the other kids had learned how to ski, but me. And I was the oldest of all the kids... and I was not thrilled about it. If I didn't want to do something, Daddy didn't make me do it.
Daddy said, "You can do it."
"I know."
"Come on, I'll hold the skis."
So I bailed outta the boat with him. He held the back of the skis and up I went... First try!
I love that Lake!!
Roy has instructions to cremate me when I die and throw me in the lake...but not close to the dam! I don't want to be sucked out and float off to Missippippi!!
And yes, he'll do it.
He threatened just last week to do it.
He's been watchin' Spartacus and saw how the Roman's took care of their dead loved ones... so he's ready. "I know how to do it so when ever you're ready. And if you get back up on the roof again. I'll just do it anyway!"
Jerk! I was only tryin' to help.
It's not my fault he cut 2 shingles wrong! He's the one that can't work and talk at the same time!

Wait... Where were we??
Where I'm from... oh okay...
I currently live 90 miles northeast of there... I like to tell people I live on the reservation. The local Indian tribe does a lot for this very small community. And recently they put up signs markin' their territory, "The Wyandotte Nation." I really do live on the reservation!!!

And that 'bout sums it up.

Where ya'll from??


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Thanks for playing Nadine! Great post. I did not know that piece of history on Will Rogers house. Thanks for sharing. ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Baloney said...

So glad you joined us at the RHOK today! Now we know where you are from as well as where you are going (the lake?).
Looking forward to more links in the future!
~Mrs. Priss

Dawn said...

I'm crackin' up! You are hilarious!

Hey, I live just down the road from ya. My post was about growing up in Pryor, but I've called O-town home for about 12 years.

My heart still goes out to those in your town who lost loved ones to menninigitis. And, of course, to Jeremiah Mitchell.

I'm so glad you played along this week. I look forward to reading more about you in the future!

~Mrs. Albright

Katy said...

Bet you meet a lot of new friends with this one--you're such a nut!

Redneck Diva said...

Life on the just doesn't get better. :-)

You are currently living near my old stomping grounds and I gotta say, I'm kinda jealous. I miss that area. Granted, I'm not that far, but it's not the same.

Thanks for playing along - come back next week!