Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Were You On April 19th 1995???

That's question this week for The Ladies at RHOK Monday LinkUp Thingy.
You are more than welcome to participate even if you do not live in the Great State of Oklahoma.

I was at the dentist office in Claremore... wonderin' where Roy was.
That's where my story is....
Roy was actually in OKC. He was sittin' in a classroom at the Trainin' Center, a mile away. Just like doctors and teachers have to take classes... continuin' education type classes... Cops do too.
Ironically, he was learnin' "how to handle an incident"... Which was about to happen.
He never heard the explosion.
He never felt it either.
People always say, "I felt it clear down south Norman!"
I am skeptical about that!
He said someone came in and said, "Saddle up Boys. We've got to go!"

He spent the next 3 days workin' security around the site.
And givin' the FBIMen fits.... long story I can't tell.
For those that do not know it...but Roy Hightower is a pain in the ass!!
Remember that big NewYorkReporter was skeptical about the abilities of the OklahomaCountySD of catchin' whoever was capable of a crime of this magnitude, becuz they were a mounted patrol??
Isn't there a mounted patrol for Central Park?? DumbBitch!
And then it was one of Roy's Posse that actually caught McVeigh.

The girls and I were glued to the TV for any and all news briefs, just to see if we could see him on TV. EdithAnne jumped up, "Right There!! that's him!!! Look at the way he's standin' and kicked his toe!"
I have no idea if it was him or not but she felt better.
And when he came home she ran outta the house and hugged him 'round the neck... like photo of that woman that ran across the tarmac to hug her solider that had returned from Vietnam. You youngin' may not have seen that photo. But that how EdithAnne greeted Roy.

Rememberin' that always make me cry.
And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

There was one man that I have always wondered about, what happened to him after that day. He was a police officer and he was runnin' to the site. But when they thought there was another bomb, he ran back. The last I saw of him, he was leanin' over the hood of a truck with his head down... like he couldn't take any more runnin'. Or he was too stressed to do any thing else but lay his head down.

I have never been to the Murrah Building Memorial.
I can't.
I'm too emotional.
I couldn't keep it together at Pearl Harbor... and readin' about the sinkin' of the Oklahoma.
I had to leave the buildin'.
I managed to get thru the Alamo okay... I don't know why.

I'm An Okie Thru and Thru.


Billie said...

I am not 100% sure where I was on that date. I know I was living in Canada still. In fact, the next year I moved to the US.

I used to read the usenet feed on cross-stitch and read about a project that was making a quilt in memory of the bombing. I made my square and submitted it.

Becca said...

I was taking care of A feeding him his breakfast when I saw it on the news. I will never forget that fireman who carried that little baby in his arms. I cried so hard, never thought that I would stop. Hoped that we would never see anything like it again in my lifetime. How wrong I was. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Oklahoma today.

MizAngie said...

I haven't been to the Murrah Building. I'd like to.My niece & nephew say the memorial at the Pentagon is amazing.

I can't get through the Alamo without shedding tears.

I'm a Texan through & through.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I was overcome with emotion at the Memorial and truly was glad when Papa and Uncle Homer didn't want to pay to go through the museum. That day, my first time there, just being there was so overly emotional I'd have wasted the admission price because I'd have had to leave. We plan on taking the kids this summer and I'm sure I'll cry. Again.

Thanks for your story today.

~~Mrs. Nesbitt

Becca said...

I linked to you this morning with a video of the children who survived the explosion. I hope that you don't mind. We dan never forget.

Jeankfl said...

I was living in Florida, and was waiting for my folks to get there for a visit. I had to call them and tell them about it. It was heartbreaking, because we didn't know if anyone we knew was in there! It was so surreal, watching OKC on the National news while no one knew if it was one of many or just one attack, and who had done it. Scary... Becca's right, we shouldn't ever forget..
hugs from another Okie, born and bred,

Anonymous said...

I was working 5 miles away from the Murrah site. The explosion sounded like a sonic boom, and shook the office building. My ex was working two blocks away, and was knocked off a scaffold by the shock wave, but was not injured.

After the recovery effort was complete and before they impoded the remaining shell of the building, I visited the site, and realized that I was looking at th e damage that hate can do. It made a profound impact on me.
I didn't lose anyone I knew in the bombing, but knew family members of those who were lost. A coworker's car was destroyed by a large part of the bomb truck that landed on it.

I lived in OKC until the fall of 2008, and have never visited the memorial. I cannot bear to go - just the though of visiting the site has me in tears.
Some idiot with a grudge against the government took 168 lives and changed me and my city forever.

kent said...

I was getting ready for work. I lived in the Gatewood area of Okc and the windows shook from a loud explosion. My partner was working in the Sheraton Center business mall on the third floor. He said it felt like a car had exploded on a lower floor in the garage area of the center. It took a year before I could really approach the Murrah site. And to this day I have still not gone to the museum portion of the site. A close co-worker lost her father-in law, my father lost a class mate, and we have several friends that were in the building at the time.