Friday, April 09, 2010

They Will Get Even...

Yep that's how I roof the house.
Laid out like a fat toad in the grass sunnin' myself ...watchin' the buzzards fly over head.

But Roy, he does all the heavy work. And does battle with the wasps.
The further up the roof he goes, the more he pisses them off! So much so, he had to stop and make a run to town for wasp killer.
What he brought back was a fogger with the intent of "foggin'" the attic. I was not thrilled by this.
What about me?
What about the cats?
I could go to a hotel if I had to leave becuz of fumes but I couldn't very well box up all 6 cats and tote them out BY MYSELF!
I think I could do it but still.

He set it off and then set down to watch TV. He's hook on Spartacus on Starz. It has all the things he likes blood and sex. As we were watchin' it, I heard a buzzin' noise and look down on the floor to see THE BIGGEST RED WASP EVER!!!! There were 3 cats surroundin' it. I squealed! Roy jumped up to see it. The damn thing was obviously ill with poison! He risked life and limb to crush it under a big size 10 boot!
End of Wasp!
He didn't plan on that! The attic is a good 20 feet or more above our heads, he never thought they would come all the way down to the bottom floor! He searched the rest of the livin' room but found nothing. He checked upstairs and found 5 dead ones.
And like a ton of bricks, it finally dawned on him that the fumes could come down too.
That was when he opened up the house and turned on fans to air out the bottom floor. I never smelled anything but still.

That was 3 days ago. We all survived...'cept maybe some flys and wasps.
And those Attackin' LadyBugs!!!! I had one attack me for no good reason! It was all crawlin' around in my hair. And it was makin' that icky smell....Ick! IN MY HAIR!!

Today, he came runnin' in the house. "Oh Oh Oh, I think I have a wasp up my pantleg!"
And he went to shuckin' off his pants! I had to laugh.
Remember the time I put that red wasp in the toilet for him?
And he sat down?
With his dingle berries in harms way???
And how much he didn't like that???
Oh was he pissed!
And now he thinks one is up his pantleg!!!
I just laughed.
I found one tick.
But no wasp. He have a red spot on his knee so apparently he was only stung thru his jeans.
"They're just mad about you bombin' their home."


Tracie said...

That is a very funny visual!

Katy said...

Lord. I hate bugs of all kinds--wasps included. Hubby is warm and fuzzy about bugs, but I draw the line at wasps.

MizAngie said...

Ladybugs stink? I didn't know that.