Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get Back Loretta... I'm Done!!

Remember awhile back when I wanted to go see AliceInWonderland?
Roy didn't want to go with me. So he suggested Loretta.
She didn't want to go either ...becuz she didn't like the first one.
I'm still shakin' my head over that!
It makes me want to say, "ya DumbBitch! It was Disney! Who the Hell doesn't like Disney!?"

Another couple that Roy and I know, Jess and Rowdy, had asked us over for dinner. We met this other couple thru Eddie and Loretta. Loretta works with Jessie.
Rowdy is just as cute as he can be... I instantly took a likin' to him.
And Jess, well, she's cut from the same cloth as me. So you know she's perfect.
One day, I had a movie quote on my Facebook Status and Jess knew what it was... and one thing led to another and Roy and I were invited over for supper and to watch the lasted Twilight Movie. Jess is a huge movie person!!
Perfect! She's just perfect!
So as we were watchin' the movie, I asked her if she had seen AliceInWonderland. "No."
"So you want go with me to see it?"
"Oh Yes!!"
I'm in love.

But the rub of this, is Jess and I are friends with Loretta. Jess felt that we were "cheatin'" on Loretta. And Jess asked Loretta if she wanted to go with us. I knew what Loretta would say....to a point.

My movie date came and went...Jess and I have a great time. Like girls are suppose to...girls just want to have fun!! We decided to get all the families together for dinner... kids and all. I thru the dinner idea out at Loretta well in advance to give her time to sort out anything she needed.
And then the shit hit the fan!
Loretta declined to come. She made up some excuse and then stopped textin' and emailin'...which pisses me off!
Its just flat fuckin' rude to ignore your friends!!
But she works with Jess. She took matters into her own hands and confronted Loretta.
It's a simple dinner. There is no need for drama.
Turns out, Eddie was pissed off that I asked Loretta to go to the movies without him.
Did you catch that? I asked her.
Jess is clean in this.
I'm takin' this one for the team.
That DickHead Eddie!! He had no desire to see it.
Neither did Roy. Roy was all like, "What does it hurt to allow the women to go to the movies to see a fuckin' kiddie movie?"
Eddie thinks it's wrong for me to plan things that are not "couples" oriented and HE is not going to allow his wife to go anywhere without him.

And Loretta thinks I'm upset with her.
No Fuckin' Shit!! I'm Upset!!

She didn't even ask Eddie if they could go out to dinner with us as family.
Roy tells me not to write off her just yet...so I have asked Loretta to go to the Rodeo at the end of the month....twice.
And she has yet to reply.
I did it to prove to Roy that It's Over!

Annnnd... I haven't told you the BEST Part of this balls to the wall drama!!
Loretta has gone to a concert at the casino without Eddie. She went with another woman.
And The Day After My Movie Date with Jess, Eddie took Loretta to a movie to make up for not lettin' her come with us girls.
Once when I wanted to go shoppin' with Loretta, Eddie thru a fit. And to make up for it he took her to Tulsa for the weekend to shop.
He's a fuckhead first class!!
I asked Roy if we should ask her what she really wants and offer to take her or buy it for her so that Eddie will do it. He has since started buyin' her VSBras!! Thanks To Me!!

But, I done!!
Jill and Bethanny may have divorced and it was messy... Well! They aren't the only couple!