Thursday, April 08, 2010

Love Stories, Teenagers, And A Simple Kiss...

When I was in the 8th grade I went steady with a young man by the name of Frankie. He was cute with his freckles to match mine. He had reddish blonde hair, like mine but on boys it's not Strawberry blonde. And He was muscular and as strong as any farm boy should be....and he made me laugh. I liked Frankie. But his parents kept him reigned in and he wasn't allowed to do much outside of school.
Though they were strict, I adored his parents. Frankie and I both ran track. I could always hear FrankSr from the stands, "Go Nadine! Go!" And when I came in first across the finish line I could hear him yellin', "Atta Girl!! That's my future daughter inlaw!"
But I was only 14.
It was not meant to be.

Becuz of the strictness of Frankie's parents, my feelin's for him dwindled... especially when my friend's stepbrother came to visit durin' Spring Break.
He was cute. He had sandy blonde hair.
And he was smitten with me!!
And right in front of me!!
That Spring Break, it had rained enough to cause the creek to rise, and like a knight from Camelot, he carried me across the creek so I wouldn't get my shoes wet... sigh.
He kissed me over the fence before he left to go home, promisin' to come back durin' the summer.
It was one of those life alterin' kisses. Just a simple kiss.
I can still taste it. Cold to my mouth but warm all over... sigh.
I was only 14. But Oh Was I Wantin' Him!?!

Well after that kiss Frankie was history!
I'm gonna go with the one that gives me attention and come out to play.
And who could resist the thought of Summer Lovin'?
Every girl wants Danny and Sandy Romance!

He didn't come back like he had planned. His mother was battlin' cancer and he needed to be with her. After she died, He came back to stay permanently, but by then I had moved on to an upperclassmen. We dated other people but in back of my mind and in my heart I held the memory of that kiss.
After I broke up with the DruggieThug, I decided to go for it.
I wanted my Summer Lovin'!
And that's when I started datin' EarlLee....That Kiss, That Simple Kiss Over The Fence Changed My Life ForEver!!

Frankie, well he was always a very good friend to me...He's just that kinda guy. Any time I needed something, lunch money or to push start my truck, he was there. We walked together durin' our 8th grade graduation ceremony and he insisted that we walk together when we graduated high school.
I think we would have had THE cutest babies!!
Little red headed freckled kids...boys. Frankie throws boys.
Sometimes I wonder if I hadn't been such a hot pants and waited for Frankie to be free... sigh.

No regrets!

So you see, a great love story is all in the way you tell it, Becuz EveryOne Knows How EarlLee Rates With Me Now!!!!

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Katy said...

Nadine, this is such a great post.

Yes, I see what you mean about how you tell it, but I think I'm missing an important romantic gene or something.