Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Talk About Twitter...

I twitter.
I used to use Velvettush as an ID.
I seriously thought about comin' out to my family and friends about my bloggin'. So I was consolidatin' all my IDs. But, THIS is my only place to vent about those people!! So I chickened out.
Anyway I stopped usin' Velvettush...and some black chick uses it.
And not the same person that uses it on MySpace... which he even has his foot in a strappy sandal as his ID photo. Remember when mine was my red heels in the air? UGH!
And you know I have mixed emotions about all that. Flattered that I'm imitated, but yet pissed off that I've been ripped off.
Sure, it's a great stripper name or even a drag queen persona or even a super heroine. It's mine.
Mine. MINE. MINE!!

I wish I had kept it... water under the bridge.
I keep tellin' myself that.

Uhm, what were we chattin' about?

So I follow 41 people on Twitter. But Actually only get updates to my phone from 15.
And of that 15, there are only 2 or 3 that twitter on a regular basis.
I've been to the movies with TheRedneckDiva.
I've been shoppin' with KikiMo several times.
And to a weddin' too. But my phone doesn't reply to her directly... I guess I'm not payin' the big bucks for that!
My phone goes off all the time.
Roy thinks that everytime it goes off, it's family.
Not always...Roy's gettin' used to it.
He's all "who's that?"
"Who's that?"
"She lives in..."
He stops me. "Okay. Never mind."

Every time, I had to explain. "It's Becca" or "It's Brenda." or "Katy, she lives in Louisanna."

He's gettin' used to it.
But he's drawn the line at my phone being under my pillow. You know like Madonna.
It's alert is me sayin', "Woo Hoo!"
So think about a cell phone constantly sayin' "Woo Hoo!" about 50 times a day!!
It's scared a lot of people!
It's quite fun.

And of course, I've been takin yall with me to all sorts of things... ball games, shoppin' and road trips.
At least I hope so.

My sister is one of those that puts her phone in her bra and she gets my FaceBook Status updates... which I use like Twitter... And she has it set to vibrate. The Day I was on The Roof, she told me to give it a rest.
But I thought vibratin' body parts was a good thing?
Or maybe that was the problem?
The day I went to Church with her, she left her cell in her car. "I didn't want you to be burnin' my boobs in Church!"
And then I couldn't text.
She just laughed, "Its what you get for being such a heathen."

I've started puttin' mine in my bra. I can see that is way more handy than in the very bottom of my purse.
And if it's in my pocket, it's more apt to fall out on the floor when I sit.
I'm learnin'... It's a process.
Roy said, "is that thing gonna stay in there?"
You know he has a point!
My bras can't seem to hold my boobs in some days much less a cell phone.

So... Again I've drifted.

Do you actually follow someone on twitter?
And I don't mean you clicked the follow button just to say you do...I mean actually "follow"?
Do you only follow with your PC?
Or do you use your phone?

I thinking about cuttin' out those that I don't actually follow and puttin' a lock on it.
I'm not about the numbers. I'm about connectin' with people.

And Speakin' of Connectin' ... A Jennifer left a message on Monday's Link UP. I tried to respond to you. Your ID is private... Welcome to my World.


Margaret said...

I do facebook under my real name. I do twitter under my blog name (feel free to find me and request to follow).

I don't now how many people I follow - or follow me (I guess I could go look) - but I get about five to my phone. If I did any more than that, my phone would blow up all day. :)

Some of the people I have met in person. Some I have talked to on the phone. And some are only there because I feel the need to be nosy about what they are doing. Heh.


M&Co. said...

Like Margaret, I FB under my real name. I'm on twitter under my blog name but I hardly ever use it. I had it set to where Twitter pushed the messages to my cell phone and I was just overwhelmed by the minutia. Like you, I'm more about connecting that having huge numbers and I just never seemed to connect with anyone on Twitter.

M&Co. said...
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MizAngie said...

I signed up for a Twitter account but never use it. Can't even remember my passwords and stuff now. Although I get notifications that people are following me. They must think I'm realllllly dull. Or dead.

Had my phone set to vibrate one time, and had it tucked inside my bra as I didn't have a pocket. We were sitting outside when the damn thing went off. I had been watching grasshoppers and bugs flying around so I had it in my head that something "buzzy" had gone down my cleavage. I was very embarrassed when I realized it was my phone...

Dawn said...

I used to have certain people's Tweets coming to me. But, like Roy, my husband began to get irritated with all the dings. I finally turned it off. BUT, I'm thinking of adding some peeps again. I think I'll Tweet more often if I do that. I've never been a big Tweeter.

But, if you want to follow what little I do Tweet, I'm dawnsdiversions on there.

I'm small chested so I'm just sure if I put my phone in my bra it's going to look like I stuffed one side. Haha!!

Tracie said...

I have a twitter account, but i don't really understand how to use it , ??

Gena said...

Yes, I twitter, facebook, and all that. I keep tweetdeck up at work, but only because I do it for my job as well. So, I may not post all the time on twitter, but I do pretty regularly on FB.

Sherrie said...

I have no idea how to Twitter, how sad is that?