Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Katy! Bar The Door!!

There is so much to tell!!
Where to start?

I've made changes to the blog....if you're readin' my blog from a reader. STOP!
Come here and look!!!
Tell me what you think.

I've changed my Profile Photo too. Still me but different.
Roy won't approve it of it either. But still... it's me.

I have to go to Church on Sunday... It's My Granny's Birthday.
 I'm not lookin' forward to it... AT ALL!

I have an Eddie and Loretta update...which lead to a new friend and I can't wait to tell you about her.

The house is roofed. I didn't get hurt durin' the whole laborious task. Roy was stung twice and scratched numerous times... But I'm fine.

But right now I'm pooped!!
Comin' up with "laborious" and spellin' it right the first time was tuff!!

Oh Oh....I can't forget to tell the funny little story about my new cell phone.


Billie said...

This is a very different look for you. Elegant on first glance but still that bit of sex thrown in!

Tell us about Eddie and Loretta!

MizAngie said...

I like the new look. Can't wait to hear the stories...