Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Still Try...

"Hey, Loretta. Let's go to Branson some weekend in May before it gets too hot."
"Okay. I check the schedule and call you later."

Checkin' the schedule is code for Asking Eddie.

This was another attempt to do something with my friend and another chance to prove to Roy that IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!
Then their child broke her arm.

After tellin' me the ins and outs of the broken arm, and that she'll good to go for BBallCamp first week of June, the next thing she said was, "I guess we won't be able to go to Branson."

Roy was puzzled by this.
The child will still be able to go to school.

My point exactly Roy!!

Honestly, I like my BettyBadAss Rep but I'm not the antichrist!
Roy and I had an indept conversation last week while he roofed...and I sat there talkin' to him. I wanted to know just exactly what I did make Eddie hate me.
"I told him you didn't like him."
Oh yeah.
I forgot that.

 But still.

I done.
Well just as soon as get it all vented out.


Baloney said...

No Branson trip?

MizAngie said...

Eddie has Loretta beat so far down that she's filled with insecurity. The combination of you enjoying what's-her-face's company and you not liking Eddie has pretty much put the quietous on that friendship. She'll have to stew for a long time, have something horrible happen when you'll step in and support her and then she'll be able to be buds again. As for Eddie...UGH!!!