Friday, April 30, 2010

Friendship, Package Deal, And Unapproved...

Do you know when someone smiles at you and they mean it? A real smile?
I know real smiles. The person smiles with their eyes. You can almost feel that smile it's so warm.
Fake smiles are cold and uncaring.

And do you know when someone is aggravated with you? They will smirk or roll their eyes, right?

How about smugness?
Can you tell when someone is smug?
Or arrogant, rubbin' your face in whatever the subject is about... like oh I don't know, their vast knowledge of car engines or pool water or Joe ShitDaRagMan. They are smug and all superior.

Well, Roy and I went to Branson over the weekend. I had spent time with Granny and I wanted to spend alone time with Roy. I didn't tell anyone, Loretta or Jess, becuz I didn't want either one to come with me. Especially not Loretta and Eddie!!
But that doesn't mean I'm not petty enough not to send photos to Loretta teasin' her about me and Roy at Red Lobster. Remember I'm not a grown up... yet.
Karma intervened.
I was sick! I couldn't even finish my drink... Roy drank it. I couldn't finish my shrimp! He was so full of his meal and my drink that he couldn't eat my shrimp either.
The minute we hit the hotel room, he was asleep!! I sent a photo of him to Loretta sleepin' it off.
We were textin' back and forth.
She finally text me, and said "if you're sick you should come home. Or I will come and get you."

"Oh right, you're poppa wouldn't let you come."
And we all know Eddie wouldn't let her come all the way to Branson to get us!

She came back with, "we would come and get you. Yes We. We're a PackageDeal."

Now I pissed!!
I didn't text her back, I was so pissed off!!
Her Package allowed her to go to a casino with another woman.
An Approved Woman!!!
But not to a freakin' PG kiddie Movie with me!!!

I'm so pissed I can't see straight.
I tried to no avail to make Roy see that I'm hurt. He doesn't see what the problem is all about.
"Then explain to me why she could go to the Casino and not to the movies."
He Can't.

So becuz I was ill, and it was rainin' we headed home. And once we got home, Roy decided he wanted to get some stuff at HellMart. Just before we left, Eddie called him.
About what I don't know or really give a shit.
But turns out they will be at HellMart too.

I ran into them first.
"Roy's back in Automotive." I told Eddie.
He said, "That's where I'm headed." and turned to go that direction.

Loretta said with a very smug look on her face, "I'm with him."

And that my BloggerWorld Friends, is All She Wrote!!
I turned my cart and headed to fabric's without sayin' another word.

In the past, she would have just followed along with me around the freakin' store!
Chit chattin' about nothing.

I was textin' Jess just as fast as my little fingers could go... I was about to explode.
I knew if I told Roy he'd just think I was makin' it up... And I knew I would cry!
I was cut to the bone!
Not only do I have put up with Eddie to have Loretta as a friend but Now She's Rubbin' It In My Face!!

Roy never saw them.

I told him what happened and let me tell you the tears rolled!!
I don't think until that moment, he really truly understood that I was truly and deeply hurt by being label "unworthy" or "unapproved" for Loretta.
All smug at HellMart and that comment about "Being a PackageDeal"... That's It! Done!

I'm findin' a new hobby and it's not Loretta!


Tracie said...

Well evidently Eddie has got her majorly brainwashed. Some day she will need you again when the jerk shows his true colors again but until then you're better off without "the package deal"

Becca said...

You are so much bigger and better than that, don't put up with that crap. Really, Life is too short for stupid acting people.

Email me and I will give you my number and you text your little fingers to me anytime!

tammy s said...

loretta's lost

Katy said...

I speak teh truth when I say that you don't want to be friends with someone like that. Give her a few years and she'll realize she's stuck with and ass AND has no friends.

MizAngie said...

Loretta is a stupid bitch. Nuff said.

MizAngie said...

Oh, and here's a bit of irony... When I click on NUMBER 800 it tells me the site can't be accessed or something like that. Ha!

JQ Brat said...

good for you! i would have dumped the bullshit a long time ago. i have very little tolerance for "friends" like that! you still have us!

Billie said...

I am sorry for the loss. It is always painful to realize that something was lost even if you are better off without it.

I don't know if you are better off without her but it sure didn't seem like you were getting a whole bunch out of the relationship.

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

Nadine, she'll be back when she wants something but by then you'll have moved on. Her loss.