Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do It Or Else...

So where is all this talk and rehash of the remodelin' goin'??
Be Patient... we'll get there.

So I talked Roy into an old farmhouse on nearly 4 acres on a hilltop in IndianCountry... Some days I love it. I can't imagine livin' anywhere else.
Some days I hate it. And I want to run away from home.
There have been many times I wished it would burn to the ground.
Or that some tornado would come across the lake and take me away to Oz.
There's been many heart aches in it and too many good times to keep track of...it's my dream house.
I had a neighbor tell me she would have bulldozed it and started over!

EdithAnne's foot prints are on the ceilin' of her room. Though she may never set foot in this house again, she left her mark. Roy held her upside down after she dipped her foot in neon orange paint.
Odd though....she only put her left foot up there....twice.
She has two left feet.
That says so much.

EudoraMae had a fire in her closet... I didn't discover that fact until I was packin' up her room after she left. I didn't know whether to be mad at her, laugh, or cry.
Roy's mom, QueenVictoria, came to help pack up the girls' stuff. While I was at work, She spent most of the day in EudoraMae's room scrapin' the maskin' tape off the floor where EudoraMae had made a "city with roads" ....I knew to cry that day!
I didn't say anything to QV but went to Roy. And I begged him not to allow his mother to Erase Every Little Bit Of My Children From My House....Scrapin' the floor was one thing but "Do not let her touch EdithAnne's feet!"

Roy's parent left the next day....that was in 2001, they've only been back a couple a times since.

About a year ago, the insurance company sent a man around to "inspect" the house....the outside. It was decided that we had to roof it!
Or else!
Every month since findin' that fact out, I've told Roy to call the AmeniteMan...I don't know if he's Amish or Mennonite...to get an estimate to roof. And every time, Roy would say, "later, I've got time. I'll go to our local insurance man and bargain with him."
In January, I said, "you're runnin' outta time! You hafta do something by April!"
"Later, but get the number to the AmeniteMan."

In February, Roy called the AmeniteMan, "Nope. I don't do steep roofs."
What the hell? Is he so plush, he can turn jobs down??

Roy went down to talk this over with his InsuranceMan, "It's not right! They can't make me roof my house! This is America!!"
InsuranceMan said, "Roof it or We're droppin' your ass!!"
Roy said, "Fine! I don't hafta have insurance and I'll dump your ass!"
"Oh yes you do as long as you have a mortgage!"

We've never made a claim. Not when the water pipes busted out and flooded the kitchen ...which weakened the floor and then I fell thru it...remember?
And we never made a claim when we had sidin' blow off durin' storms.
Or damage from ice storms.
Or when HUGEASS hail fell from the sky like the Navy Bombin' Iraq.

But we hafta roof it or else! There's nothing wrong with it. The roof's fine.

On March 20th, We paid off my dream house....this bitch is mine.
Every hole, nook, and cranny.

And Roy's roofin' it so as we keep our insurance....one never knows when I might forget the chicken fryin' ... again.....and finally burn it the ground.


Sherrie said...

Again congrats to you and Roy!

Billie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That would be my dream - to pay off my mortgage.