Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Claw-Footed Tub...

Roy and I like to go to farm auctions. Especially in Kansas, those old farms are a goldmine of cool stuff!! And We Love Cool Stuff!!
When it came time to redo the bathroom, we looked at claw-footed tubs. Too Expensive!!
So we went to flea markets...another one of those odd ball things we love to do. And we found old tubs but they were too short... 4 footers!! No good for Roy! Too stained or scarred up or again too expensive!!
But we keep searchin'... until we went to the farm auction in Kansas.
There in the yard of an old 2 story farmhouse was my new tub!! It had it's feet and there was one scratch and a couple of rusty stains....and it wasn't a flower pot!!!

Yep. A flower pot.
I know Martha Stewart doesn't do it but a lot a Okie's do it....turn a cast iron bath tub into a yard ornament.

I don't get it either.

So we waited all day long for the auction to move thru barns and the front yard and the side yards to get that tub...and they walked by it!!
I looked at Roy like, "what the hell?"
And he looked at me like, "No clue!"
He went to the owner....if he goes to the auctioneer then we have to bid against EVERYONE ELSE that wants that perfect tub!!!
She sold it to us for $40!!
I was tickled to pink!!!
I had look at $600 worth of bath tubs and old tubs for $200 and $200 more to refinish it!!!
40 friggin' dollars!!!!
That was one heavy motherhumper!!!!
But we got it home and I paint the outside of it a light peach color.

We went to an auction in Missouri a couple of months later and bought all sorts of things... cream cans, a heavy wooden desk, and an old toy box. I use the desk as a sewin' station and the toy box is an end table....a really big end table. I painted the cream cans...the one with the lid is in a corner in the livin' room and the other one is being used as a mailbox can.
That. I understand....cream cans as mailbox holders but not bath tubs as flower beds.

While I was going thru our other goodies we bought...there's always lots of boxes of junk, Roy walks up, "Come with me and see what I just bought!"
He led me out back to one of the barns. He explained as he walked that he had just bought a room out.
I was fixin'ta lay him out. We had just spent over my comfort limit for all that other stuff and he's just bought out a room!!! I'm thinkin' scrap iron and shit.
"Don't sweat it!" he said and opened the door to a room with 4 things in it, "I only spent $5!"

A cream can, a block of wood, and..... there under a piece of plywood was my second claw-footed tub!!!

It was PERFECT!!!!!
For $5!!!!!!!
No scratches!!
It has a light water stain dribble from where it may have leaked around the faucet.
And it had it's feet!!!
If theKansasTub was heavy... the MissouriTub is it's big hulkin' brother!!!
We had to have help loadin' it up!!
I painted it an off white color.

We set them out on the back porch side by side and bathed in them in the moonlight until it was time to move one in the house.
Yeah, I'm a bit Okie.
When that LiftYoDickDrug came out with people sittin' in their tubs... I had to laugh...we did it first!!

On the bottom of the MissouriTub, is a date. I'm guessin' it's when it was cast.... Feb 14th 1898. It's the one we decided to put in the house.
And it has been!!
In the summer, when it's hot that tub is cool.
In the winter, it hold the heat well.
Roy uses it more than I do but that's not the point... he makes my dreams come true.


Becca said...

That is so cool...

Billie said...

Roy sounds like one of a kind.

A rootdigger said...

I have to laugh at flower pot tubs. I think it's due to guilt that others throw at them for throwing it out or is guilt cause they removed it and everyone says ohh what a shame. There is something romantic about a old tub like that.Even making a fish pond out of them is neat, I think. but then don't hide the legs. I have another idea too, but won't share.
thanks for sharing your hunt. I hunted once too, and if they know they will charge you high.

Sherrie said...

Oh they sound absolutely beautiful!

I sure would love to see pictures of the paintings you did.