Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seriously!! What The Hell??!!!

Knowin' I wasn't goin' to be able to get Roy to go see Alice in Wonderland with me, he suggested I ask Loretta.
So I text her.
"Would you like to go see Alice in Wonderland with me?"
She text back, "Why?"

What the fuck!?? Why?
Well let's see...
Johnny Depp is in it.
It's something to do while you're on Spring Break.
Neither one of the men will want to see it.
The kids might like it.
And I don't know it's 3D which would be way cool if you are kid....and me.
But no. She said, "Why?"

So now I'm pissed off at her for that, "why". And I text her back about it being 3d and Johnny. She said, "never heard of it."

What the Fuck??!!
What planet does she live on???

Have you ever thought "if I met that person now, would I even be friends with her?"
Which is what I think about a classmate from the past. She is so not fun like she used to be. We used to laugh and do crazy things when we were kids. Now she's so drugged out of her mind that she has no friggin' idea what is goin' on in life outside of her own little pity party.
Which is exactly what I am thinkin' about Loretta!
Would I be friends with her if I met her now?
We do things that Eddie and Loretta do.....not what Roy and Nadine want to do. It's not a two way street at all. Whether it be shoppin' or DateNight, it's when Eddie wants to and where he wants to go. You see, Loretta and I can't go shoppin' without Eddie!
Seriously! No Shoppin!!
No Shoes or Purses or anything until that bastard approves.
I asked Roy what he thought I was goin' to do with her, "drug and fuck her!" And she goes along with Eddie's Bullshit!

So as we walk down the hallway to the BadMovie we walk past a poster with the MadHatter on it, and I said, "That's the movie we should be seein'."

And Loretta said, "I didn't even like the first one."

What the fuck???
She didn't like Disney??

I'm so over it.
Yes Gina, a break is needed....a long one. Otherwise I will stress myself into a stroke or a heart attack.

And you'll have to excuse me if I seem a wee bit bitchy about all of this, but this is WHY I blog. To Vent!
Plus I'm 3 days over on my period and my EXTREMELY Edgy!!

So I guess I'll just load up and go see Alice in Wonderland Africk'nLone!!


Tracie said...

I'd go with you!

JQ Brat said...

I'd go see it with you!

♥Georgie♥ said...

man if'n i went to movie theaters i would so go with you...the best i could offer is when it comes out on dvd I'd so be there lol I wouldnt drug you up or anything maybe a bottle of wine or a nice bud light with lime...

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Those two are too much work. They would exhaust me.

Katy said...

I don't even have a TV and I know about Alice in Wonderland--are you sure they're not aliens or something?

Billie said...

Ok... I have to say that Alice in Wonderland is not on my list of things to go see. It doesn't interest me. That said... I am sure we could find something that both of us wanted to see without me always dictating the restaurant, the movie, the.... the... and so on.

I am into simplifying my life... perhaps you should consider that too. Life is way too short to spend it on ppl that aren't enhancing it. You could be spending that time finding someone else that fits better into your lifestyle.