Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life Is Good...

But pretty slow at the moment.
I can't tell you much about Roy's new job. Again it's a government job just like the other... and I can't tell you anything about the old one. Defiantly Good stuff!! But mostly becuz people get all excited...and not in a good way.
Though he comes home some days all ruffled up and rantin'! The more he does it the more he feels comfortable with it, the less he bitches.
Well, that's exactly true either....becuz he bitches more from lack of sleep.
That will work itself out too.

The bag business has come to a halt. I tried.
If you want something, just ask.
Times are tough...So I'll move on.

I Text Now.
Nobody called me before....and guess what?
Nobody texts me either!!
Roy decided he wanted UsSellular to take their payment directly from the bank and I wound up with a new phone and text package!!
And that chick was on the phone!
There was no cleavage involved!!

Back the Truck Up!!
The TVChick just said, "Most people don't know that white bread is wheat bread..."
What the Hell?
Who are these DumbAss People???
What exactly do they think it's made from???
Seriously! Who are these People???
Must be those people that do not know Right on Red!!

I learned a great deal about how you all feel about photos. I'll be more gentle with friends from the past...family though is still fair game. Next time, we'll chat about emails.

'til then.....Big Okie Hugs!!


JQ Brat said...

nobody texts me either. maybe we can be texting buddies!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I prefer texting! Make sure you have an unlimited plan or your bill could really run up!