Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've Been Neutered!!

I was fifth in a line of cars going town at 55mph. And I Didn't Pass Them!!

If a person can have anger issues and needs to be in therapy, can't a person have happy issues? A person can't be all shit and giggles all the freakin' time, can they?
I've been told I have anger issues.
And just becuz I tell someone how I feel about something in a manner that is way less than lady like, why does that mean I have anger management issues? But if I smile at you while I flip you off, it's okay? Or maybe not.

I used to be told all the frickin' time, "stop flippin' people off, you're a pillar of the community and should set a positive examples. If I get called to the Chief's office, you're comin' with me." So I stopped.
Well, now I'm not a pillar and I can't be called to the Chief's to explain why I flipped that county deputy. Becuz he so deserved it!!
Then Roy tells me, "Stop flippin' people off becuz they might be packin' a gun! Road Ragers could be packin'!!"

So there I sit fifth in line and can't pass. If I do, I'll be doin' 120mph by the time I get to the end. So I don't pass.
I don't scream at traffic.
I don't bang on the steerin' wheel.
I follow.
I hate it.
To be a mature person that doesn't speed and drive wreckless is supposed to be a good thing.
Why does it feel so wrong?
I've had my balls cut off.
I don't think I like being a grown up.

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