Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Question!!

Yes, I have changed the names of all of the characters and the not so innocent. I want to protect the girls and my family from any backlash that may happen. They too, may not understand everything that I've done or do... And feelin' would be hurt.

When I was a kid, when I did anything goofy or awkwardly trip over something, I was called Edith.
Why? I don't really know?
Lilly Tomlin played a character on Laugh-In that was called Edith Ann. She sat in a huge rockin' chair to make her look like a little girl. And she talked in a little girl voice, tellin' you about her day at school or whatever. And when she was done, she would say, "And That's The Turth! ppppfffftttt"
So that is EdithAnne.... which really does fit her. She's goofy and as klutsy as I am.
She pulled a bag of peas from the freezer and they were open at one end. She spilled the bag of course and sent frozen peas all over the floor. She cracked up, "Mom! I've pea'd all over the kitchen floor!"

EudoraMae... a name I got from Oh Brother Where Art Thou.
I like it.
I even suggested it to her when she was pregnant with her first child. And then we found out it was a boy. She didn't go for Cletis either.

I guess I could have named them Roxanne and Sharona like I wanted to when I was pregnant with them...but that wouldn't have fit in with my Okie roots.
And like real life I stuck with E's for all of them.