Sunday, March 28, 2010

Childhood Dreams...

Roy and I will have lived in this house for 15 years come May 20th.

It's been a trip.

When I was a child, I have always wanted a two-story house. All the rich kids had a two-story house. To me, it was a sign of status.
My dad always wanted to build his own home and knew that I wanted my own room in a two-story house. So he made his own plans around that... Becuz he did what he could be EVERYTHING for his kids. Being a single dad, he busted his ass for his kids. We had motorcycles, go-carts, horses, video games, and a ski boat with all the toys and accessories that go with that. But He died before he could build me my own room in a two-story house. The foundation had been laid but....

And of course me bein' a rural kinda gal, my future home would be in the country.

Not all that hard to achieve.

A two-story farmhouse on some land...the amount didn't matter really. I didn't want my neighbors up my ass but I didn't need thousands of acres either.

I had my dreams.

College, Career, Home, and Kids....and a husband in there somewhere. I'm a modern woman, a man is just someone for shits and giggles, right? I can stand on my own two feet.

That's how I thought I was raised. When in fact I was very sheltered. My father had us, my brother, sister and I, tucked away in the country within a bubble of love and comfort. There was no liars, thieves, or rapist. There was only fun at the lake and camping ....and all the other things we did at home. We knew pain and heartbreak but it was not from anything my daddy did....he was the best.

And then I got pregnant and well you know how that went down.

And I filed away all my dreams in a neat folder and pushed down in that cabinet I keep in the back of my head.... some never to be opened.

I tried College.

I had a job in fast food...not a career for me. I do not have the patients

I had a home that I lost becuz of a lazy bastard. Turns out, shit and giggle men are assholes...which led to Kids.

Then Roy stumble and fumbled into my life.... and you pretty well know how that went down too.

I only asked Roy for two things... a bath tub with feet and to love me forever.

I have 2 claw footed tubs and so much more.

Roy bought me a two-story farmhouse.


Becca said...


MizAngie said...

That was one of your sweetests posts ever. Kinda made me jealous.

Our dreams were amazingly similar except for the two-story house. They creep me out because of scary movies I've seen. But I know what you mean about them being status symbols as we felt the same way. I'd kill to be back in the country. I despise being butt-up next to my neighbors.

Stefunkc said...

Who knew, I grew up a rich kid! And now my girls are, too:c) If only the second story really meant we were rich!

Sherrie said...

Sounds heavenly. We have always wanted a little piece of land away from the hustle and bustle. My dream was a great big Victorian type house with a wrap around porch. Not likely to ever happen now though. Guess I'll settle for the 18 year old for a neighbour, whose mother bought her the house next door to mine :S