Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Break-Up…

I’ve you told off and on over the past 4 years about Eddie and Loretta. We all agree that Eddie’s a fuckin’ asshole….and Loretta’s a great gal. So I won’t have to go into a lot of details about their relationship. You will be on the same page as me when I tell you this latest development.

Last week, I read in the paper that one of the casinos has all you can eat King crab legs…woo hoo!!! Roy wanted to eat out too. And it’s crab legs!!


We’re there!!

I added it to my FBStatus knowin’ that Loretta would get the message. She did.

And she wanted to go.

Roy called to invite Eddie…he didn’t want to go.

No matter what Roy said, Eddie balked. Eddie’s a cheapass bastard! He didn’t want pay for the kids to eat at $25 a plate. And he didn’t want to get a babysitter either…those cost money. He wouldn’t dare ask his parents to watch the kids… he catches too much shit from them about goin’ out on a school night and why doesn’t he just take the kids. Remember what happened at RedLobster? But Loretta wanted to go with us. Roy said, “tell him to stay at home with the kids, we’ll come and get you.”

She said, “Eddie won’t go for it. It’s too expensive.”

“I’ll pay for it.”

She just laughed.

And hour passed and she text Roy, “Come and Get me.”

I walked in with a smile on my face ready to do what I had to do….Eddie was sittin’ in his chair and IT was obvious that he was pissed! He didn’t even look at me. He just kept his head down workin’ at his laptop. I joked about the kids. The girls showed me their pet. I mentioned the house smelled like Mexican food. Loretta stood behind Eddie. She told the kids what they needed to do before bed and she started for the door.

Roy came in and started teasin’ Eddie about doin’ his homework. And just as I opened the door to leave, Eddie said, “Where are you goin’ Loretta?”

“I’m goin’ with them.”

“No you’re not. We’ve talked about this and it’s too expensive.”

Roy said, “Hey, I’m buyin’.”

“See. Roy’s payin’ for my dinner.”

“If you go out that door you might as well keep on goin’. ”

I swear to God he never got outta that chair. Makin’ commands from his throne.

She walked back to the bedroom and packed up some clothes. She was leavin’! Roy told him, “Hey, man that’s no way to be.”

“You are messin’ in my marriage. You need to stop. Loretta where do you think you’re goin’?”


“You might as well file for divorce becuz you’re not comin’ back here. Your friends are not good friends if they mess in your marriage!”

I told Roy to come on, to leave. I had heard enough. And I didn’t want to be there any longer. I didn’t do anything except be there for a friend and want to spend time with her. I thought that was what friends were for…how stupid of me to think that!

By the time Roy got to car, he had decided that he no longer wanted to be Eddie’s friend. That was the end. We did nothing wrong. Roy left Loretta there in a room full of bawlin’ kids becuz Eddie was pitchin’ such a fit in front of them. She stayed. And week later, she’s still there. She’ll be there until she wises up.

Loretta texted Roy later that night to let him know that she was okay. And she’s texted me a few times. I told her we would always be her friend and there when she needed us but Eddie has worn out his welcome.

I’m done.

Nobody gets divorced over freakin’ crab legs!! He’s got a problem.


♥Georgie♥ said...

wow just wow! You and roy are both good friends and i agree eddie has some issues...how were your crab legs? which casino did you go to? did you play the slots?

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Man Oh Manny, Eddie is such a complete f*cker! I mean, seriously?! What a baby to put up a big to do over going out for Crab legs.

Billie said...

I would have called Eddie's bluff and packed a bag and left.

Recently, my very own Eddie has been telling me he is going to go do some extreme action and my response lately has been - Be by guest. Sadly, extreme action would actually make me happy but he always seems to back out. I guess a few minutes of rational thought makes him realize that extreme action wouldn't benefit him - just me. And we can't have that!